Golden Beard Customs will showcase their trucks – the Latvian Vera and Estonian Viking

Golden Beard Customs will bring two show truck type cars to Auto 2024. Both movers are represented at numerous other prominent European shows. Visitors will be offered an opportunity to take a look at Latvia Vera and Estonian Viking, as well as deeper insight into what Golden Beard Customs does and its product/service range. Visitors will have an opportunity to appreciate the exterior and interior of the vehicles.

• Latvian Vera – Scania R500 manufactured in 2005 with 650 HP (factory power 500 HP)
• Estonian Viking – Scania 770S manufactured in 2022 with 770 HP. The first mover of this kind registered in the Baltics 
Both cars have been completely rebuilt inside out. Interiors designed by Riga-based Golden Beard Customs. Both cars have been spray-painted by Finnish artist Mari Putus. Latvian Vera has already appeared at the Auto 2023, while Estonian Viking will debut in Riga.

Golden Beard Customs is a Latvian company, which has been specialising in customising cars since 2019. Its current creation Vera is based on Scania R500 prime mover manufactured in 2005. There is an interesting story about how this car got its name. It actually comes from its license plate, which reads “VR”. Tuning has allowed to increase the power of its V8 engine to 650 HP, while customised exhaust pipe has brought a truly roaring success to the vehicle, ranking it the second best in its class at the Tallinn Truck Show.

Interior is also decked out with V8-themed elements. Letters V8 have been embroidered into the backrest of the seats and there is also huge illuminated V8 sing on the backwall of the cabin. Vera has won the best interior design at the truck show in Slovakia. Mover customised by Latvian experts has interior fully completed in leather and also personalised sleeper berth with bed, two sofas, fridge and a microwave.