Luxurious, expensive autos and muscle cars about to take over Ķīpsala

International automotive industry trade show Auto 2024 at Ķīpsala Expo Centre will take place on 19–21 April, bringing visitors truly exciting exotic cars for the Latvian market – the luxurious British Aston Martin DB12 and American muscle car Ford F-150 Raptor, which you will be able to see at the Latvian car review platform stand.

Role model of performance and luxury

British sports and luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin will bring its latest generation DB, mass production of which started late last year. Aston Martin DB12 is positioned as the benchmark of performance, grace and style. According to manufacturer, this car is neither supercar nor grand tourer (powerful and yet comfortable enough for long rides). It stands in the category of its own. It is a new breed of motorcar, a super tourer that combines the best of both types of cars.

The name of the new DB12 suggests that it might be equipped with a 12-cylinder engine that Aston Martin has used quite often in the past. However, in this case it is just the next number in the line of models, and that’s all. It follows the DB11. Actually, Aston Martin DB12 has a V8 engine borrowed from the extra-sporty Mercedes-AMG, with twin turbo and up to impressive 680 HP.

Aston Martin DB12 is 34 % more powerful than its predecessor equipped with the same four-litre V8 engine, and 41 additional horsepower compared to previous DB11 AMR with 5.2 litre V12 engine developed by Aston Martin itself. What you get is the new DB12 that can reach the speed of 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds or 0.1 second faster than its older colleague with V12 turbocharged engine. Moreover, the maximum speed that DB12 can reach is 325 km/h.

Since Aston Martin DB12 was not designed only for astonishing speed, it also has very lush and comfortable interior that is nice for longer distances. Owner of this car can choose between one of three seat options. Leather and Alcantara interior are handmade. Newest generation adaptive suspension will make the ride smooth and comfortable, and you can choose between one of three drive modes – GT, Sport and Sport+. There is also a special drive mode that enhances stability on low grip surfaces that are wet. All-new iteration of James Bond’s favourite DB series car will cost way more than 200 thousand euro.

Exotic for Latvia, bestseller in the US

While compact cars like Renault Clio, Dacia Sandero and Volkswagen T-Roc are the most sold new cars in Europe, American sales are led by the huge Ford F-150 pickup. You could not even buy America’s favourite pickup in Europe until recently, but from this spring Ford F-150 pickup will be on our market – manufactured for the American market and tuned to meet European Union certification requirements.

Ford F-series pickups were first designed more than 80 years ago in 1948. The current Ford F-150 on the line is the 14th in its lineage. Moreover, Raptor that you will be able to see at the car review platform stand at the Ķīpsala Expo Centre is the sports version of the pickup.

With its 5.9-metre-long body, Ford F-150 Raptor is even longer than an extended version of a luxury limousine. 3.2-tonne full weight and height of more than 2 metres will definitely make it stand out in the traffic. Sporty pickup is equipped with 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine with twin turbo that will give you the power of 460 HP in total and truly impressive exhaust pipe roar.

Many of you have probably heard about Ford’s Raptors before. You are not wrong. Ford Ranger pickup sold on the European market has a sports version of the same name. The European version of F-150 Raptor too has more powerful engine and also significantly modified suspension that uses Fox dampers often used by rally cars. It makes the ride over forest slopes smoother at faster speeds, with less shaking of the body, bringing Raptor pickup ride experience closer to Baja race buggy comfort level.

Standard Ford F-150 pickup will cost you 80 thousand in Latvia, whereas fully decked out F-150 Raptor Launch Edition will set you back 148 thousand euro, but it will never make you blush, not even in front of the aforementioned Aston Martin.

Several Baltic reveals
The forthcoming Auto 2024 trade fair will showcase several new models unveiled on the Latvian and Baltic market for the first time. All-new Škoda Kodiaq and Volkswagen Tiguan compact SUVs, European Car of the Year Renault Scenic, passionate Spanish Cupra Tavascan, Czech workhorse Škoda Superb Combi, facelift versions of popular car models, premium cars and Chinese motorcars that are slowly taking over the European market.

In addition to newest car models, trade show will present various mobility solutions, commercial vehicles, charging stations, spectacular hobby and race cars, car tools and service equipment. More at:

Annual motor show is organised by BT-1 International Expo Company since 1995.

Programme of events:

Auto 2024 opening hours:
19–20 April: 10:00–19:00
21 April: 10:00–17:00