Exciting Baltic car reveals at the Auto 2024 motor show

The international automotive industry trade show Auto 2024 that will take place at the Ķīpsala Expo Centre on 19-21 April, bringing several exciting car reveals to the Baltic region. Come and appreciate the European Car of the Year 2024, the top-selling small SUV, Spanish sportscars, Korean electric cars, two new estate cars and other never-before-seen car brands. By the way, several brands have prepared a number of new products for the Latvian market.

From podium in Geneva to Ķīpsala

Although Auto 2024 is brining several exciting Baltic market reveals, one of the new models is already arriving on the back of a fresh victory. Geneva international motor show at the end of February crowned the new European Car of the Year 2024. This prestigious title was won by the new Renault Scenic E-Tech. The fifth generation of Renault Scenic is fully electric. It can travel as far as 625km before recharging back to 100%. This five-seat French electric cross-over shares the same platform as the popular and well-acclaimed Nissan Ariya, which starts below €40,000 for a base model.

Top-selling small new-generation SUV
Škoda showed its strength on the Latvian market for new cars last year, surpassing its own “mother” brand Volkswagen for the first time ever and landing itself in the second spot according to sales volume. Škoda has prepared a couple of nice surprises for this year, and the most coveted of them all is the new generation Kodiaq SUV, which will see the Baltic market for the first time at the motor show. Although the whole industry is inevitably going electric, new generation Škoda Kodiaq is the range that continues to offer diesel option. Exterior design is an example of evolution, whereas the interior has been completely redesigned in the new iteration of Kodiaq. Kodiaq will also be equipped with new generation LED Matrix front lights and Dynamic Chassis Control.

Best prices to become segment-leader

The new Volkswagen Tiguan, the fiercest rival of Škoda Kodiaq, will also be revealed on the Baltic market during the auto show. It has been one of the best-sellers for several years, but has lost its appeal more recently due to its comparatively high price in the fast-growing small SUV market. However, the new model is designed to stir things up a little bit as it will be sold on the Latvian market for €31 thousand for a base model.
Third-generation Tiguan is Volkswagen’s move towards more affordable modern technologies, for example, DCC Pro chassis or the new hybrid drive that offers all-electric range of about 100 kilometres. Although the SUV is only 3 cm longer than its predecessor, its boot space has increased by 37 litres, now reaching 652 litres in total.

Striking design and generous specs
Spanish sportscar manufacturer Cupra has plans to roll out several new models in the coming years, and one of such models in mass production will be revealed on the Baltic market in April at the Ķīpsala auto show. Tavascan is a compact cross-over with coupe-style body. Like other Cupras it has striking design features and luscious specs, including 15-inch screen in the centre of the front panel. Cupra Tavascan is full electric. Its fully charged 77 kWh battery gives you the range of 550 km, whereas more powerful model with 340 HP engine can speed up to 100 km/h in mere 5.6 seconds, a result that any sportscar manufacturer would be proud of.

Robust Korean electric SUV
KGM is a brand that many may have never heard of. In fact, we all remember it when it was called SsangYong and was a popular Korean brand that changed its name to its new owner last year. Electric SUV KGM Torres EVX is the first fully electric car of KGM to be revealed on the Baltic market during the Auto 2024. When fully charged, it can travel up to 460 km, and manufacturer’s warranty for the 73 kWh battery will last impressive 10 years or 1 million kilometres, which is way more generous than other car manufacturers offer.

Reliable estate cars for families
In recent decade SUVs have pushed estate cars and minivans almost out of the market for new cars. But Škoda is still holding strong and continues with even two new estate versions: Octavia Combi and Superb Combi, which will also be revealed in Latvia during the Auto 2024. Octavia Combi is a facelift version, whereas Superb Combi is an entirely new design, which has bulked up compared to its previous generations and is full of generous specs and more spacious boot for longer journeys with total capacity of 690 litres, which is 30 litres more than before.

Never-before-seen car brands for Latvian market
Chinese manufacturer BYD has already surpassed Tesla as the leader according to the number of electric cars sold globally by the brand. The clash of titans has come to Europe and several never-before-seen car brands with new models are coming to Latvia. One of such brands is Great Wall Motors that will bring its Ora 03 electric car to Ķīpsala. It is a car whose prototype was designed by one of the former Porsche designers. Chinese manufacturers are bringing to Ķīpsala, for example, SUV BAIC X55, as well as JAC 8 Pro pick-up truck, elegant Forthing 4 and sporty Forthing 5.

Precious rare gems
Honda’s presence on the European market has always been rather limited, which makes each new reveal of brands cars that more special. After last year’s avalanche of new Hondas, Auto 2024 will witness the reveal of all three new models for the Latvian market: the popular new generation CR-V, its sporty cousin ZR-V and fully electric e:Ny1.

You cannot do without premium brands

Premium brands like Audi have traditionally been represented at the Ķīpsala car show. German manufacturer will not have any dazzling reveals this year but it will offer good deals on well-known models, proving that you can also buy models like Audi Q5 SUV for about €35 thousand, close to what other popular models cost. Audi will also give you a good bargain on its e-cars like Q8 e-tron and Q4 e-tron.

New car section of the auto show will showcase wide variety of cars, and maybe some of the brand representatives will also manage to bring other new manufacturer models for the Baltic market reveal from Volkswagen, Audi, Škoda, Honda, Cupra, Hyundai, Nissan, Renault, Dacia, Citroen, Peugeot, Opel, KGM, Subaru, Great Wall Motors, Ford, Fiat Professional, Iveco Bus, BAIC, JAC and Forthing.

Whereas car buyer’s guide to buying cars, WhatCar.lv, will showcase exclusive cars at its stand, for example, Ford F-150 pick-up truck sold only on the US market that has become the top-selling new car in the US.

Biggest motor show in the Baltics

Car enthusiasts and industry professionals are welcome to attend this year’s international automotive industry trade show Auto 2024 in Riga at Ķīpsala Expo Centre on 19-21 April. Motor show will offer newest models, mobility solutions, commercial vehicles, charging stations, dazzling collector and sportscars, as well as car tools and repair shop equipment. More at: www.balticmotorshow.com

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