Impressive Baltic debuts at AUTO 2022!

From 29 April to 1 May, Ķīpsala will be the location of the Auto 2022 motor show, promising a few surprising and impressive first presentations of various models in the Baltics. There will be the first electric crossover by Nissan, Škoda’s most expensive model, a new incarnation of the London black cab, and the latest-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee, which has just arrived from the US. And this is not all! The show will include a very special Italian supercar, which the organisers are still keeping a secret.

‘There is still active work being done on preparing the exhibits for Auto 2022. Despite the challenges faced by the car industry that affect the manufacturing and deliver processes globally and in Latvia, distributors have been able to prepare the reveals of many of the latest models of cars. We will also have a special supercar, something that’s still a secret,’ Gints Šāvējs, head of the Auto show, said offering some intrigue.

Straight from America!
The latest-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV will show up at Auto 2022, for a Baltic debut. Notably, the beautiful car serving as an exhibit at the show will come directly from the United States, in its special L version, with an extended wheel base. This will be a truly exclusive launch of the Jeep flagship vehicle on the Baltic market, due to delays in the delivery of the version adapted to the EU market. Jeep’s distributor has pointed out that although only the standard-wheel-base model will be available in Latvia, the interior finish of the models intended for the American and European markets will be virtually identical, and the show’s guests will have a chance to get a proper feel of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee model.

Several new models of electric cars

Year after year, the automotive industry brings more and more fully electric vehicles. Nissan has reported on its plans to stop implementing new fully combustion-engine models starting next year, and Auto 2022 will be the venue for the first look of this vision in the Baltics, with Ariya, Nissan’s first electric coupe crossover, also available as an all-wheel drive with two electric motors.

The inevitability of the electric future also manifests itself in an otherwise conservative model segment, specifically, in the Mach-E, a 100% electric crossover version of the Ford Mustang, to be presented as part of the Eleport exhibition. The powerful GT version of the electric muscle car accelerates up to 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds, faster than any of its mass-produced petrol counterparts.

Using an electric car does not always mean that you have to connect to a power socket to replenish energy reserves. There are electric vehicles that you can literally fill up with fuel. One of these is the new Hyundai Nexo that will come to Latvia for the first time at Auto 2022: it uses hydrogen to produce electricity, similarly to the Toyota Mirai model. With a full hydrogen tank, this electric crossover can cover more than 600 kilometres.

Multiple launches for French cars
French manufacturers will bring many new vehicles: one of these, the small Citro?n Ami two-seater, though not the most sought-after model on the local market, will certainly attract the most attention with its charming exterior, and its price, at 7000 euros in France, making it one of the cheapest electric vehicles on the market. This manufacturer will also bring its new flagship model, the C5 X, its body being a combination of a saloon, liftback and SUV. New entries at Auto 2022 will include the light commercial electric vehicle ?-Berlingo, and the updated C5 Aircross SUV.

Meanwhile, Peugeot will bring the new-generation Peugeot 308, which will be this maker’s first model, with a new logo that delivers Peugeot into a new era of electric mobility. This compact hatchback will also be offered as a hybrid.

The fully electric Megane E-Tech by Renault will be another Baltic debut in Ķīpsala, a completely new design, based on a platform specifically created for electric vehicles. This will also be one of the first mass-made models in the world to use an operating system developed for vehicles by Google.

Latest by German manufacturers, and premium segment
The newest models that German car manufacturers will offer at the show will be the Volkswagen Taigo coupe SUV based on the same platform as Polo and T-Cross, being larger than both, and only behind T-Roc in terms of size. Another debut is the VW Multivan (T7) whose last generation is also available in a hybrid configuration.

In addition, German exhibits will include premium brands such as Audi and Mercedes-Benz, with the latter promising a surprise new electric model.

Most expensive model by Škoda
Škoda’s latest electric car, Enyaq Coupe iV, will see its first Baltic presentation at Auto 2022: it is a coupe version of the already familiar Enyaq iV, and in its sporty RS version, it is the Czech manufacturer’s most expensive mass-produced model, outstripping the Kodiaq RS and Superb Laurin & Klement.

In Ķīpsala, Škoda will also show the sporty Monte Carlo version of the latest generation of Škoda Fabia, created in honour of the victory of Škoda in the Monte Carlo Rally. This version of the small hatchback offers a sportier exterior and interior design, as well as more accessories.

Reimagining of London’s legendary cab
Like Big Ben, the black cab is one of the symbols of London, as it has not changed much since the 1970’s. In the green age, London’s cabs have been reborn as the hybrid TX model by LEVC, a combination of technologies by Geely from China, and Swedish Volvo. The new model is just as spacious as the previous one, and you can still wear a top hat while sitting inside it. Its VNS commercial vehicle version will also come to Auto 2022.

On 30 April and 1 May, the show’s guests will get to discover the latest vehicles with the car expert and journalist Normunds Avotiņš.

Auto Mechanics: all you need to maintain a car
Auto 2022 will be a place not only for the latest models, but also for classic and competition cars, including an exhibition by the Latvian car buyer guide The show will offer a time to look at various comfortable vans and campers intended for travel; there will also be quad bikes and electric scooters.

Companies such as Eleport, Krown, Ehrle, Auto Palete, Animo, Kurbads, Rags, and Signeda will present what today’s industry has to offer as the Auto Mechanics section of the show. The guests of Auto 2022 will learn about car care products, anti-rust treatments, equipment and machinery for car retail, carwashes, workshops, and not surprisingly, electric charging stations.

Auto Exotica: unusual vehicles
As usual, Auto Exotica will attract the most attention, with rare and unusual vehicles, powerful and modified sports cars, as well as classic and retro cars. The Auto Exotica Awards 2022 competition will also take place, with prizes for the most powerful, the most ‘muscular’, the most exotic, and the most exclusive car.

Bring your family
Children and adults will get a chance to drive ActivePark drift karts, as well as watch professional bicycle and motorcycle shows by Greentrials, the best extreme cycling show team in the Baltics. Arvis Alksnis, a trial racer from Grobiņa, will join Greentrials at the show. For a detailed schedule of events at Auto 2022, visit:

The Auto 2022 international motor show will provide a chance for its visitors to look at three thematic exhibitions covering what the industry has to offer today: New Cars, with the latest cars and utility vehicles; Auto Mechanics, with service tools and machinery, spare parts, care products and accessories, and the Auto Exotica exhibition dedicated to tuning. For more, visit:

The Auto 2022 show is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1, and sponsored by the brake equipment manufacturer Textar.

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Event hours:

10:00–19:00 on 29 and 30 April
10:00–17:00 on 1 May

No face mask or interoperable COVID-19 certificate is required to visit the show!