Auto 2022 automotive industry show coming to Ķīpsala in late April

Between 29 April and 1 May, Ķīpsala will be the location of the Auto 2022 motor show, presenting latest models of cars, commercial vehicles and camper vans, as well as masterpieces of car tuning, sports vehicles, workshops equipment and accessories, as well as automotive industry news.

‘Right now, we’re actively working on preparing the Auto 2022 show. Although the tragic situation in Ukraine and the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic have had an impact on the manufacture and delivery of cars, the new exhibition will be even larger than the last one. Semiconductor shortages have forced car dealers to adapt and restructure their business, so that they can stand up to today’s challenges. I am truly happy that this year’s show will include reveals for a few new models, so I’m looking forward to meeting you in Ķīpsala in April!’ Gints Šāvējs, head of Auto show said.

New Cars: latest private and commercial vehicles
The New Cars section of the show will offer a diverse selection of cars. Official dealers of such automotive brands as Audi, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Nissan, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Cupra, Fiat, Peugeot, Citroen, Škoda, have already confirmed their participation. Applications are still accepted, and the show may present two new Asian car brands never before seen on the Baltic market. Vehicle brand representatives promise interesting purchasing options, show promotions and valuable advice, to be available at Auto 2022.

The interest in buying electric cars is on the rise, and this year’s show will include even more electric vehicles and charging stations. Its guests will get information about ways for charging these vehicles, about government subsidies, and about operating advantages.

The show’s three days will be a time to look at various comfortable vans and campers intended for travel; there will also be quad bikes and electric scooters.

Auto Mechanics: from tyres to professional workshop equipment

In the Auto Mechanics section, the show’s guests will get to look at the latest in the industry, including tyres, wheels, care products, anti-rust treatments, equipment and machinery for car washes, workshops, dealerships, etc.

Auto Exotica: unusual and eye-catching cars
As usual, Auto Exotica is the part of the Auto show that has a special place in the hearts of its guests, featuring rare and unique vehicles, powerful and customised sports cars, as well as classics and retro vehicles. The Auto Exotica Awards 2022 competition will also take place, with prizes for the most powerful, the most ‘muscular’, the most exotic, and the most exclusive car.

Various features
The show will be interesting to families with children, as its younger guests will certainly appreciate the change to take an Active Park drift karting ride, and watch professional bicycle and motorcycle shows by Greentrials, the best extreme cycling team in the Baltics. Don’t miss this!

Looking back at last year’s show

Auto 2021 brought together 106 participants from 5 countries who presented the latest things that the automotive industry had to offer. 13,363 people visited the show over its three days in Ķīpsala. It’s worth pointing out that Auto in Ķīpsala was one of the few car shows in Europe that had not been cancelled, and despite the pandemic, managed to attract a significant number of guests.

With the lifting of the COVID-19 restrictions, Auto 2022 is expected to bring in a much larger number of visitors. Companies seeking to present their latest offers still have the time to apply for participation in the show!

The Auto motor show is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.

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Opening hours:
10:00–19:00 on 29 and 30 April
10:00–17:00 on 1 May