TOP AUTO will present a wide range of products

TOP AUTO is a true Italian garage equipment manufacturer, based in Verona. Wellknown mostly in the Scandinavian and Russian market, Top Auto export its quality equipment in 42 different Countries.

TOP AUTO presents a wide range of products like 
  • Headlight Testers, traditional and electronic also with camera; 
  • A/C Machines in more then 20 versions with many accessories; 
  • ATF Machines manual and full automatic mode; 
  • Wheel lifters, Professional Induction heaters (7 models with different capacity);
  • Electric Brake Bleeders;
  • Radiator Flushing Machines; 
  • Wheel Washers, and many other products.
The most distinctive sign of Top Auto is certainly the Italian design, elegant and professional, which distinguishes Top Auto from the competition.
Technical assistance is another point in favor, with technicians and researchers prepared and available for every customer need.