CompanyCountry list
1All for expectant mothers(10)
1.1Cosmetic and hygiene products for expectant mothers(9)
1.2Food and food additives for expectant mothers (5)
1.3Orthopaedic goods(3)
1.4Maternity clothing (3)
1.5Shops and Internet shops(8)
1.6Maternity consultations(6)
2Mother and child(19)
2.1Food and food additives for newborns (9)
2.2Cosmetic and hygiene products for newborns and children(13)
2.3Special detergents(8)
2.4Childcare products: baby walkers, baby slings and carriers, car seats, prams, buggies and strollers, etc.(12)
2.5Bedding for children (9)
2.6Baby safety equipment and devices (5)
2.7Shops and Internet shops (30)
2.8Childcare products for rent(3)
3Clothing and accessories(15)
3.1Clothing for newborns and children(15)
3.2Underwear for kids and adolescents(1)
3.3Outdoor clothing for kids and adolescents(9)
3.4Sports- and casual wear for kids and adolescents(3)
3.5Accessories: socks, pantyhose, headgear, shawls, etc(9)
3.6Adornments for children(4)
4.2Home footwear(1)
4.3Outdoor footwear(1)
4.4Sports footwear(1)
4.5Orthopaedic footwear(1)
5Toys and games(25)
5.1Toys for newborns(12)
5.2Development games: constructors, puzzles, logic games, modelling sets, etc.(13)
5.3Toys to enhance children’s creativity(17)
5.4Mechanic toys and radio controlled toys(8)
5.5Soft, plastic, metal and wooden toys(17)
5.6Dolls and accessories(10)
5.7Computer games(1)
5.8Audio cassettes, CDs and DVDs(1)
5.10Masquerade costumes, accessories, masks(3)
5.11Equipment for indoor and outdoor children playgrounds (6)
5.12Home sports facilities for children(1)
5.13Inflatable entertainment products(5)
6School stuff(3)
6.2School packs, shoulder bags and accessories(8)
6.3Other teaching aids: maps, globes, etc.(1)
7.1Special furniture for newborns: cots, changing tables, chairs, etc.(7)
7.3Baby furniture, furniture for adolescents(4)
7.4Nursery school furniture(2)
7.5Interior design(5)
8Sports inventory for children(8)
8.1Goods for winter sports: snow sledges, skis, snowboards, skates, etc.(5)
8.2Goods for summer sports: bicycles, tricycles, roller blades, skateboards, scooters, etc.(5)
8.3Goods for active recreation: swings, balls, skipping ropes, etc.(5)
8.4Sports goods for children(5)
9Periodicals and publications(1)
9.1Specialised publications for expectant mothers(1)
9.3Literature for children and youth(1)
9.6Practice workbooks(1)
10Education institutions and interest education (7)
10.1Pre-schools (1)
10.2Summer camps (4)
10.3Baby schools (1)
10.4Different activity clubs(7)
10.5Creativity centres (3)
11Family services(5)
11.3Child safety at home and on the street(1)
11.4Child support centres(1)
11.5Children party organisers(7)
11.7Child insurance programmes(1)
11.8Leasing and finances(1)