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Fair is fair – it is a place to buy and sell. We therefore urge you to make tempting offers for every visitor attending your stand!



Trips abroad, including alpine ski tours and resorts in the autumn / winter season


Tickets, tickets, as well as advice on cost-effective travel by plane, ferry, bus, car or rail


Local tourism opportunities for the autumn / winter season in Latvia and neighbouring Lithuania and Estonia – spa, hotels, Baltic routes, news about cultural tourism and destinations, health and wellbeing tourism offers


News about food tours and destinations in the Baltic countries

... yummy purchases, tasting sessions and inspiring atmosphere for all those who absolutely love to travel!

Prerequisites for participation in the exhibition held on green safety mode

Entry only for people presenting a valid interoperable EU Digital Covid-19 Certificate attesting to the fact of vaccination or recovery and an identity document a passport or an ID card.

7 steps

to participate in the green mode exhibition

You and your colleagues working at the exhibition have to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or had and recovered from Covid-19 during the last 6 months.

Download on your smartphone or print out your digital Covid-19 certificate or QR code from:

Before going to the exhibition, verify the validity of your Covid-19 certificate and compliance with the requirements of the green level of safety on your smartphone in the site:

If you come to the exhibition from another country, make sure that your country has joined the European Digital Covid-19 Certificate Gateway and that the certificate is interoperable with the EU. Check it on the European Commission website:

Carry your personal identification document a passport or ID card with you. When presenting the certificate, you must also present your passport or identity card.

Take care of everything you need to perform regular disinfection of contact surfaces in your exhibition stand.

If you feel cold symptoms on the exhibition day, delegate your work to your colleagues and be responsible – stay home!

These rules are based on the current epidemiological safety requirements in the country:

Benefits of the green safety mode:

No distancing must be observed

No face masks must be worn

No restrictions on the number of participants

No opening hours restrictions

No restrictions on tasting sessions, presentations, conferences and other activities

No catering restrictions

Participate with a stand

1. Participation fee

One exhibitor pays

EUR 35 ex VAT

2. Space • The price of one square metre depends on the type of exhibition space

ROW.Open on one side (at least 6 m2)

EUR 35 / 1 m² ex VAT

CORNER.Open on two sides

EUR 42 / 1 m² ex VAT

HEAD or ISLAND.Open on three or four sides (at least 30 m2)

EUR 45 / 1 m² ex VAT


EUR 11 / 1 m² ex VAT

3. Exhibition stand, furniture and equipment

Space with a standard exhibition stand (price includes Octanorm stand module, its assembling and dismantling, general lighting 1000 lm*3m2, name board and lettering on it)

EUR 16 / m2 ex VAT

Space with an original exhibition stand

Price according to design and estimate

Participant receives:

• project team’s support and consultancy on participation in the fair;
• participant badges, parking passes;
• guest cards to invite clients (the number of guest cards depends on the size of exhibition space; additional cards can be purchased at a half price of a regular ticket price);
• information on your special offer at the fair (submitting the offer description in advance);
• a participant entry in the e-catalogue of the fair;
• inclusion to the overall List of Participants;
• company or product publicity in fair’s website by adding a link to company’s website.

Hurry up and get the best deal!

The first five companies that will sign a Contract-Application for participation in the Travel Fair by August 16 will get 50% off on the exhibition stand. Pay just EUR 624 instead of full price ‒ EUR 1249 incl. VAT!


Price includes:

- 8m2 exhibit space,

- standard equipment – Octanorm shell scheme module, assembling and dismantling, general lighting 1000 lm per 3m², nameboard and lettering on it,

- carpeting,

- wall panel finishing,

- furniture – 2 counters with bar stools, a table and 2 chairs,

- power outlet and Internet.

... or join themed sectors*

You can join the travel fair as part of the regional (cross-regional) collective stand or in a special sector with allocated points of sale and consultation spaces for providers of local tourism services and home-based producers.

* Participation in themed sectors is limited to participants with relevant and content-specific offer. For more details, please consult with the project manager.

Municipal (cross-municipal) collective stand

In the relevant Travel Fair sector (indoors) at least

If the area is larger, the fee must be recalculated in proportion to the increase.

At least 3 participants with a tourism offer (day-by-day replacement of participants is allowed). - 4 m²

Individual space for a home-based producer or a provider of local tourism services


• If the total space is 4 m² EUR 100 ex VAT
• If the total space is 6 m² EUR 200 ex VAT

With a gastro or local tourism offer.

Price includes: Octanorm stand module, assembly and dismantling, general lighting 1000 lm*3m2, name board and lettering on it.

Additional services

If you need additional services, e.g. equipment, wall design, furniture, etc.

Participants of the Travel Fair can receive variety of services and equipment to their stand – and exhibition stand or a point of sale – stand constructions, colourful stand wall design, furniture, carpets, sockets, connection to communications, audio and video equipment, as well as the possibility to make a logo, suspend objects to the ceiling and other services according to the price list of additional services.

For more information on participation in the Travel Fair, please contact the project managers

call+371 25449216 call+371 29111102 email

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