Turība University will introduce to study opportunities and help you find the right path!

From February 28th to March 1st, during the exhibition “School 2020”, students and professors of Turība University, will provide an opportunity to get acquainted with all fields of study offered by the university: communication, business, law, IT, tourism and hospitality, organization security and event production. Those, who have not yet chosen the most suitable one, will have the opportunity to complete a test in an interactive way and find out which field of studies is the most suitable. By completing the test, it will also be possible to receive prizes that are useful for the daily life of student's.

If a family comes to the exhibition with their youngest offspring, we invite them to visit Turība University and BT1 children's corner, where you can try your luck playing the big Turība circus, draw and express yourself creatively, and meet Turība's talisman - Turītis.

Turība University is the largest private university in the Baltics. The university implements 27 study programs, 12 of which are also available in English. Young people from more than 40 countries around the world study with us. Turība has three faculties - the Faculty of Business Administration, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of International Tourism.

Come, find out, get inspired, have a good time and choose the study program that suits you best! See you at the exhibition!