Exciting adventures on the water and in the streets

SUPFIT.LV will present the latest SUP board models, paddles and accessories from one of the world’s leading SUP boards manufacturer Red Paddle Co. Boards manufactured by Red Paddle Co have received many accolades and awards for their excellent water performance, durability and quality. In addition, Red Paddle Co has been offering a 5 year warranty on all SUP boards since this year.

Red Paddle Co continues to innovate to make inflatable SUP boards lighter, more comfortable and take up as little space as possible when folded. Two brand new SUP boards of this type have arrived to customers and both SUP boards will be available for viewing and purchase.

Also on the SUPFIT.LV exhibition stand will be the opportunity to view and try Future Motion’s latest electric skateboard - Onewheel+ XR and Onewheel Pint. Onewheel is inspired by the feelings of being caught on a snowboard with fresh powder. It turns the city streets into untouched slopes of the Alpine mountains. Onewheel’s stability and dynamism come from the "lean and drive" control principle. This allows you to control your board with foot movements both on and off the road. No remote, great control and power! The streets of Riga cover up to 30km! Go to work, go on holiday and break new frontiers!

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