The Czech company Herbai will present herbal products for oral care and health

Traditional Czech company Herbai, whose origins date back to 1897, specializes in production and development of herbal products, especially for oral care. Herbai company represent brands HERBADENT, Dr. Svatek and HERBASPA.

7 medicinal herbs as the basis for a unique recipe
Herbadent combine the well-proven healing powers of nature with modern dentistry and dental hygiene technologies. It is based on a unique, clinically proven recipe comprising the extracts and essential oils of seven medicinal herbs. Instead of chemical ingredients we use natural substances.
Thanks to the unique composition of herbs, the products are suitable both for preventive care of teeth and gums, as well as for current short-term care of gingivitis or gum bleeding.

However, medicinal wines under the Dr. Svatek brand, which have been on the market for 125 years, have a longer history. They improve digestion, support blood formation and increase immunity.

Recently, the range of wines has grown to include medicinal herbal syrups. These are a popular alternative especially for children, as they do not contain alcohol and are on a natural basis. Dr. Svatek also helps with the respiratory system or calms the nervous system.

The HERBASPA herbal baths product range contains the time-tested and clinically proven medicinal herbs extract enriched by Dead Sea salt and plant-based essential oils. Thanks to the positive effects of the basic extract on the musculoskeletal system, it is mainly used in professional balneotherapy.