SIA „Intra-Serviss” presents long burning sold fuel boilers

The only representative of "STROPUVA" in Latvia – SIA „Intra-Serviss” will present unique long burning sold fuel boilers in exhibition „Māja I 2020”.

The choice of fuel is wide - wood, pressed wood briquettes, coal. The Coal is now available in special packaging that reduces dust and particle spreading in the premises. For wood the combustion time is 24-36 hours, for briquettes 3 days, for coal 5-7 days. The offered power range is 7-40 kW.

In 2015, the boiler have been once more improved, this time with pellet burners and containers, thus making the boiler multifunctional and unique without any analogues in the market. Regardless of which solid fuel is used, it is consumed in long burning process, which makes everyday life a lot more convenient.

During exhibition there will be possibility to receive information regarding all solid fuel boiler models of manufacturer STROPUVA.

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