Modern and innovative product for door and window sills from "AKNAPALED" 

"AKNAPALED" are the first distributors of plastic Windows sills in Europe. Problem of finishing the window sills is a common problem. The traditional drywall window sill has a number of disadvantages like cracks, paint peeling, yellowing or even mold. If you install our plastic windows sills system for window or door opening you will get a quality product for a long time and you can forget about the problems listed above.

Plastic pales are decorative pales system that has several advantages over conventional finishing materials. Plastic pales were created as a complete solution for window and door openings that are used indoors. They can also be used in outdoor conditions. Our product price meets the high quality of materials and has advanced production technology.

"AKNAPALED" are the exclusive European distributor of Qünell window sill systems. Company’s mission: Provide easy-to-install plastic bales for window and door openings. The perfect product for people needs that brings beauty and comfort to your home. The company’s goal is to become a leading supplier and installer of high-quality plastic bales.

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