Alert for fraudulent mails

It has been brought to our attention that exhibitors participating in BT 1’s exhibitions receive letters asking them to update information about their company in the International Fairs Directory, which allegedly contains information about the company and participation in the exhibition.

If you receive such or similar letter, please do not complete and return any of these forms!

These letters are a common fraud, which, unfortunately, has also reached Latvia. In other countries, there are cases when the letter is followed by e-mails and even phone calls. The letter contains official-looking forms. Companies are asked to fill in company’s contact information, sign it and return it to the sender. The text in a bigger font size states that this is a free service, but the small print textual part contains information on advertising contract you will be invoiced for.

Here is a brief article on similar scams:

We would like to inform you that the International Exhibition Company BT has no affiliation with International Fairs Directory and its request for information.

We urge you to be vigilant against scams such as this and would recommend that you check everything thoroughly before you sign any forms!