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Green Expo Riga 2018 – green lifestyle events are needed in Latvia

Around 300 supporters of green lifestyle exchanged their knowledge during “Green Expo Riga 2018”, the introductory forum for the green economy events, so that, in the next hundred years, Latvia’s development would not only provide prosperity to the population, but also would be environment and nature friendly.

Mr Janis Brinkmanis, a director of “Green Expo Riga 2018”, pointed out that the event proved the validity of the green lifestyle and economy and helped to identify topics and formats for the future green economy festivals: “We are pleased with the positive feedback from visitors and through the next event we plan to address the wider community emphasising the knowledge exchange and informing both individuals and organisations about the opportunities and good examples of making life more environmentally-friendly". Read more >>>

For visitors

Opening hours

21 November

  • Official programme 9.00–18.00
  • Radio Naba GREEN IDEAS FESTIVAL 18.00–22.00


International Exhibition Centre, Ķīpsalas iela 8, Rīga


Entrance by ticket or by registration
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Buy tickets online, as well as the International exhibition centre box office. Ticket price: EUR 15





Visions for the development, education, creativity, strategic planning of public policy. Adding the green ideas to the key components of party programmes. What is the future of the economics of change or what would contribute to the development of the green economy in Latvia?
Invited participants – members of political parties, will express party's views and will evaluate the work done by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Vidzeme Party – Edvards Smiltēns
For Development / For! – Ilmārs Dūrītis
Union of Greens and Farmers – Edgars Tavars
Progressives – Ervins Labanovskis
Nacionālā Apvienība - Jānis Eglīts
The New Conservative Party – Tālis Linkaits
New Unity – Uģis Rotbergs



Organization of the product manufacturing process. Economic transformation, modelling tools and methods. The role of interbranch and association members. Conditions for attracting investments. Financing new product development.




Product transportation, delivery, export, retail. Modern mobility. Sustainable urban planning and regional development. Cooperation of public organizations and the need of cooperation support for both associations and business environment by reducing energy intensity, resource consumption in the urban environment and start-up creation. Development of the regional business ecosystem. Development of bicycle culture in Latvia.

Discussion participants: experts from the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments; advisors of Latvia’s planning regions; young urban planners, architects, designers, opinion leaders




Use of the product or service, balanced consumption, improvement, repair, extended use. Good foods in the right package. Latvia as a country of the best food and the best packaging: opinions and reality. Proper packaging.

Discussion participants: packaging manufacturers and designers, domestic producers and consumers.

The need for cooperation in repairing, renting and sharing various types of machinery and equipment thereby reducing consumption of resources and encouraging maximum use of equipment.

Discussion participants: interdisciplinary specialists, association members, social activists, representatives of social business, Zero Waste activists in Latvia.




Residue disposal and sorting, waste collection and transportation. Public involvement, maintenance and protection of the environment in everyday life. Latvia’s lakes, rivers, beaches and the sea: is it enough for everyone and for how long? The need to identify the volume of all waste without distinguishing deposit system. How to deal with the global impact in the event of transboundary pollution?

Discussion participants: experts from the regions of Latvia.




Recycling of non-usable materials to produce new products. How to use forest materials in eco-friendly construction, pharmacy? Ways to recreate in and manage this crucial sector of national economy. The passive house principle reducing fuel consumption and using local building materials, timber, straw, chips and sand.

Discussion participants: experts from Latvijas Valsts meži, young architects and scientists.



Time and place:

21 November 2018, hall No. 1 (5000 m2) of the International Exhibition Centre at Ķīpsalas iela 8, LV-1048, Riga, Latvia.

Target audience of the first introductory forum:
Latvian citizens already involved in promoting the principles of green lifestyle; green economy policymakers in Latvia; company managers and bioeconomy specialists; green start-up community; students and staff of universities; scientists; representatives of Latvian schools; representatives of foreign foundations.

The concept of the fair:
The first fair of its kind in Latvia!

The objective of the fair: To support, shape and promote the development of green economy in Latvia for the next 25 years.

The first and foremost tasks: developing the ideas of green economy in Latvia; promoting the introduction thereof into practical entrepreneurship; educating and informing the society; building the image of Latvia as a green country.
Social context: On 18 November 2018, Latvia will celebrate its centenary. We are awaiting it with pride and respect, as well as a variety of celebratory events from 2017 until 2021. Three days after the main celebration, we invite the supporters of the green economy to hall No. 1 of the International Exhibition Centre to set new goals for Latvia’s sustainable development and growth during the next 100 years.


International Exhibition Company BT 1, Riga,, Fair Director Jānis Brinkmanis

Leading bioeconomy companies in Latvia; representatives of government institutions / green economy policymakers; representatives of local governments with green investment development projects; potential investors in the green economy sectors; invited foreign specialists, organic farming representatives; forestry representatives; developers of passive housing projects; invited university specialists; developers of ecodesign and green products.

The programme of the introductory forum:
In the centre of the hall: conference stage with presentations by green economy policymakers in Latvia, entrepreneurs and invited specialists. Addresses and discussions will provide an insight into Latvia’s green economy objectives in the European context. With the long-term perspective in mind, goals for the next Green Expo fairs in Riga will be set.
In the main exhibition sectors: the participants and invited guests will present the current achievements and talk about development opportunities. Hall No. 1 of the International Exhibition Centre will also host an improvised brokerage event where green economy agents will introduce audience to their achievements in order to jointly focus on a full-scale exhibition in 2019 involving the general public.

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Start now to reap the fruits after 25 years!

The Green Economy Day and its programme is an educational event for the general public. In order to study the details and to argue in future exhibitions, it is necessary, this year, to find out the very basic principles on which Latvia's green economy development should be based.

Together with the supporters of green principles, we begin working on an annual series of exhibitions. We will create the Green Expo exhibition platform as a useful tool to create a stable long-term communication bridge between a wider community, policy makers and representatives of the green economy in Latvia and abroad.

The indispensable components of future exhibitions – bioeconomy sectors are the basis for development of the Latvian economy. They reinforce sustainable growth, have great potential for growth enhancing creation of well paid jobs for the prosperity of all regional municipalities. The Green Expo Riga will be held annually.

The Ministry of Agriculture has prepared a report on the bioeconomy strategy for the period until 2030. We will follow up on these plans. Bioeconomy is part of the national economy where production of food, supplies and energy relies on renewable resources in a sustainable and well-thought-out way. A broad range of sectors in one transparent exhibition!

Green economy is based on science, investment in innovation, regional planning, modern mobility, eco-design and green thinking. To ensure development of all regions, all processes must be harmless to nature and people.

In the coming weeks, the programme will be gradually supplemented with the discussion topics, stand names and sectors represented by new participants. Stay up to date with news!


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