Tone Art Interior

Design House ToneArt - Breaking Free from Expectation!

Stand Nr.: J7
Country:  Denmark

Copenhagen based Design House ToneArt - Breaking Free from Expectation! Experience our Danish design icons: selected pieces of steel tubes of the most renowned Danish designer Poul Henningsen as well as the highly functional and beautiful PH Mirrors.


location_on Bredgade 6 1260 Copenhagen K Denmark
phone +45 33 33 06 33
person Soren Vincents Svendsen

PH Furniture, Denmark

1 Furniture

1.1 Office

1.2 Kitchen

1.3 Hotel

1.4 Restaurant

1.5 Bar

1.6 Bedroom

1.7 Salon

1.9 Lounge

1.14 Upholstered

1.17 Solid

1.18 Steel

1.19 Customized

1.20 Tables

1.21 Chairs

2 Interior decoration

2.2 Lighting fixtures

2.6 Decorative interior elements

11.5 Audio installations and hardware

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