SCULPTOR will present the best materials for lash and brow

SCULPTOR is a product brand that develops the best materials for lash and brow makers. We believe that professional lash and brow masters can create great looks only with high-quality products.

We are here to develop the lash & brow & lami industry.
  1. We engage in product development from the early stages. To be more precise, we start with research on the master’s work process. So we know for sure what kind of instruments, materials, or treatments will provide the best result.
  2. We have great expertise as we’ve been in this business since 2007.
  3. We have a super professional team at each stage: from technologists who take care of composition to sales managers who provide excellent service.
  4. We have already discovered dozens of factories worldwide and have chosen the best ones.
  5. And finally, our packaging, branding, and communication materials look sexy, so you will enjoy cooperating with us.
Our products are used daily by more than 10,000 clients, whom we have helped to find their own style and start their own businesses in the Lash industry. Thanks to the high quality of our products and the author’s approach to work, we have received international recognition in the beauty field and partnerships with the world’s leading brands.