Smart beauty devices for the home. Pros and cons in conversation with Dr Lauma Valeine

Today, there are a variety of smart electronic devices for beauty rituals at home, some of which even compete quite successfully with professional apparatus in beauty salons. How to choose the most suitable one for you and in which cases is it better to turn to professionals for help? To find answers to these and other questions before “Baltic Beauty 2022”, we invited Dr Lauma Valeine, dermatologist and head of the Valeine Clinic, for a talk.

As a professional, how do you evaluate different home beauty devices?
I evaluate them differently. I am in favour of devices for cleansing the skin with brushes made of silicone or special material, massage devices for the face, body, as well as LED lamps being used at home, but I am sceptical about devices such as laser hair removal devices.

Where is the line when self-initiative ends and you definitely need to turn to a specialist?
It should be understood that anything intended for non-professional or home use must be safe so that people do not harm themselves. The line between not harming yourself and having an effect is a very difficult one to walk. Research shows that unwanted hair, for example, can be removed by home devices. But the limit is reached when there is no effect or the problem gets worse.

What are your recommendations before buying any home beauty device?
Ideally, of course, you should consult a specialist dermatologist or cosmetician. I also recommend reading the reviews. People with facial redness or couperose, sensitive and allergic skin, and dry and thin skin should be especially careful when choosing the devices. And of course you should read and follow the instructions for use carefully.

How often is it recommended to use such devices?

It depends on the type of device: facial massagers, ovality-enhancing, stimulating devices are recommended to be used regularly once or twice a day, while light therapy lamps, which are like face masks, are recommended to be used a couple of times a week. Hair removal appliances, however, should only be used a few times a month.

Is there a specific age when these devices can or cannot be used?
Light therapy devices containing blue light (radiation) for acne therapy can be used from the age of 12, while other devices are generally used from the age of 18. Let me remind you - be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Do men also use these devices?
No one has admitted using anything at home to me, but of course there are devices for home use for both women and men.

What are the most effective home devices that can help and won’t hurt?
There are several: facial massagers from the Japanese company REFA, facial devices from the L & L Skin brand, the NuFACE electro-current device for face lifting and the Dr Dennis Gross / Qure light therapy masks.

Do you use any of these devices yourself?
Yes, I myself use the multi-functional Japanese face ovality enhancement device L & L Skin VIA, which contains ultrasound, radio frequency and EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation).

What problems can home beauty devices help with, and what problems are best not to attempt?

These devices are only an additional tool for proper daily skin care and can serve as support. All massage devices improve lymphatic drainage, reduce swelling, improve tissue microcirculation and reduce muscle tone.

Ultrasound devices cleanse the skin. Blue light can improve acne, red light promotes skin rejuvenation and improves the overall condition of the facial skin, while radiofrequency stimulates skin rejuvenation and microcurrent improves facial tone and ovality. Galvanic currents help to infuse different active substances deeper into the skin.

What is the price range of devices worth buying?
I believe that good home facial devices can be bought for up to € 500 and LED lamps for between € 800 and € 900. I wouldn’t buy anything more expensive.

Technologies are developing very fast. Is there anything that has surprised you in the beauty industry?
All the devices described above have surprised me. It is an opportunity to “dress up” these expensive technologies in a simple and safe way.

What more should scientists come up with so that you, as a professional, can help many women become more beautiful and happier?

A mask or a garment worn to rejuvenate the skin, reduce the effects of photo-ageing and restore the skin barrier (microbiome). Throughout the night, the skin would be repaired while simply sleeping.
A robot that massages your face! A face and body massage is a must-have luxury in my daily routine. However, there is no substitute for manual massage and the exchange of energy between people.
A device that delivers active substances into the skin in a painless way. While there are mesotherapy guns, needle rollers and other tools, manual injections, which are painful, are and remain the most effective.
And last, non-invasive skin grafting, which could result in new skin!

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