“Baltic Beauty 2022” will host the Baltic Beard and Moustache Championship. Join in!

Well, beard wearers, are you ready for the challenge? The Baltic Beard and Moustache Championship will take place on 15 October at 15:00 at “Baltic Beauty 2022” in “The World of Beautiful Hair” hall. Take part and show your pride - your beard and moustache!

“Beards and moustaches are popular nowadays because they are considered a symbol of masculinity all over the world. But it takes a lot of work to look attractive, so at the Baltic Beard and Moustache Championship we will find out and award the best Baltic beard and moustache owners, barbershops and barbers,” says Irina Jevsejeva, project manager of “The World of Beautiful Hair”.

Interesting and useful for everyone

The championship of the bearded ones is an integral part of the exhibition’s events and a place where men can have fun, share experiences with other beard and moustache wearers, get expert advice and choose cosmetics for beards and moustaches. After all, it’s not so easy keeping a moustache and beard, but it’s always fun to show off your work to your competitors and compete against other bearded men!

Not every man who decides to grow a beard understands what he will have to face to get the desired result. Therefore, it will also be interesting for those who are just thinking about growing a beard, as experienced beard wearers, barbers and stylists will help with advice and talk about the current trends in the world of beards.

The competition will take place in two categories:

- beard and/or moustache owners who groom their own beards and/or moustaches;
- men’s hair salon / barber with his own model.

Apply now!
Any beard wearer or men’s hair salon and barber with their own model can enter the championship, regardless of the length and shape of the beard - just fill in the entry form and choose your category.
The jury will judge the contestants in several categories:
• The longest Baltic beard
• The best full beard
• The most creative beard
• The most beautiful moustache
• The longest Baltic moustache

The model (beard / moustache prepared in advance) arrives with his master! During the competition, you can make the final correction to an already finished entry in 15 minutes. The individual - bearded - participant arrives at the competition site shortly before the start of the competition.
Entry fee: for individual participants - free, for barber with a model - EUR 20.
Venue: Exhibition “Baltic Beauty 2022” (Kīpsalas iela 8, Riga, Latvia)

Individual Member - Bearded Member’s entry form>
Men’s hair salon or barber entry form>
“Best Barber 2022” application>
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Entry forms should be sent in by 14 October to the e-mail address: jevsejeva@skaistum.lv

Entry and accreditation: for participants, entry through Gate 5, pass to be collected on 15 October by 15:00

Fair opening hours
14-15 October 11:00–20:00
16 October 11:00–17:00

Additional information:
Irina Jevsejeva, GSM: +371 29217560, jevsejeva@skaistum.lv
Raitis Reteris, GSM: +371 25276477