Screen is your “100% Made in Italy” ideal partner!

Screen, is a brand by Nuova Fapam a leading company in haircare for over 20 years. A 100% Italian firm, boasting its presence in more than 68 countries worldwide, which has been able to broaden its horizons while holding tight to its origins, and to enter the elite of top companies that promote “Made in Italy” globally.

SCREEN offers a complete range of haircare products, conceived and developed with the collaboration of itscreative Team and produced exclusively for professional use. The preservation of the direct hairstylist-end user relationship – during the distribution phase of the product – is a characterizing feature of the business approach by the Brand, thus protecting both professionalism and expertise of the hairstylist and safety of the end user.
The desire to constantly innovate, the ability to always face new challenges, technical expertise at the service of originality and quality in support of creativity. Cuts, colors, and professional products to take care of yourself and others without ever giving up style, fashion, and trends. The ability to look to the future in search of effective solutions to grow more and more each day: this is US!

Nuova Fapam is a leading hair care company for over 50 years. A 100% Italian company, it is present in more than 68 countries worldwide.