For the first time in Latvia, uniquely adjustable post-operative clothing!

We offer stage I, II and III post-operative compression clothing for both women and men - Maam Garments. Maam compression garments will help you feel comfortable and ease the post-operative period after plastic surgery of any type and any part of the body, abdominal hernia surgery, as well as in the postpartum period.

We have more than 75 models of high-quality post-surgery clothes for every person’s needs. We will be happy to introduce you to them!

Maam Garments Postoperative Compression Garment I (used 4-6 weeks post-op), II (used 6-12 weeks post-op) and III (used 12+ weeks post-op):
* Compression bras for I, II and III post-operative stage (breast augmentation, reduction operations)
* Compression vests for I post-operative stage (breast augmentation, reduction operations)
* Compression facial ligaments (face oval correction, chin implant, etc.)
* Otoplasty band (ear correction surgery)
* Arm compression sleeves and vest with long arms (liposuction surgeries, breast reduction, augmentation surgeries, problems with lymphatic drainage)
* Symmastia vest (mastectomy)
* Buttock correction clothes (buttock augmentation surgeries)
* Abdominal compression belts (abdominoplasty operations, abdominal hernia operations, postpartum period, in case of protrusion of the intervertebral disc of the spine or exacerbation of the hernia)
* Clothes after tummy tuck surgery
* Clothes after liposuction operations

The Maam Garments production facility is located in Romania and the products are used both in aesthetic and plastic surgery clinics and in other clinics in more than 22 countries world wide. The company is certified in the modeling and production of postoperative compression garments and textile garments according to ISO quality standards of the management system and CE marking.

GP NORD Ltd is the official representative of Maam Garments in the Baltic States. We make Maam Garments available to plastic surgery clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and to private individuals.

GP Nord, located in North-East Europe, the significant advantage is a hands-on attitude to complex issues of sourcing high-quality medicinal products from validated sources throughout the EU. Because we operate in a wholly validated and professional supply chain, we provide the necessary confidence and assurances to both our customers and suppliers supported by certified documentation and declarations. We service the customers by providing localised solutions to various global challenges. Having the ability to understand our customer’s requirement in detail allows us to offer a bespoke solution.