Textar has been a synonym for premium friction products for 100 years. Founded in 1913 as a sales company, the brand of the TMD Friction Group stands for high quality, optimum safety and highest braking comfort worldwide.

Textar is the OE brand of choice for many of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers. Our aftermarket range benefits from this knowledge and expertise, ensuring that all of our products are made to an OE standard.
Today, Textar offers the widest range of products and services for passenger cars and commercial vehicles currently built in the market. While other manufacturers focus mainly on price, with Textar the focus is always on premium quality. At TMD Friction we spend up to three years developing, testing and releasing each new O.E. product. The knowledge gained from the development of the original equipment part is transferred across to our aftermarket program. 

So with Textar, you can be sure you’re getting the best. We guarantee:
  •  Up to 1,000 hours of dynamometer testing
  •  300 000 km testing for each pad
  • 30 million euro invested annually
  •  300 employees in research and development
  • Computerized evaluation of braking performance and wear pattern
  •  Rigorous homologation testing in real life conditions - All Textar pads and discs not only meet the ECE R90 regulations, but we go above and beyond the legal requirements to provide the perfect performing product each and every time.

More than 1,659 disc brake pads, over 1,900 brake discs, 425 brake shoes and 202 kits, as well as 223 brake drums, are proof that Textar offers one of the largest product portfolios for current motor vehicles. In the uncompromising pursuit of quality, long service life and high braking comfort, our specialists have developed more than 60 different dampening shims. Then there’s epad, a new generation of friction that ensures optimum driving comfort and sparkling clean rims due to its special material mix. Also included in the box: all accessories required for installation. Textar’s brake discs also reflect the quality standards of a market leader. Superior casting and complete surface coating, ensure high performance, optimum safety and a long service life. Brake shoes and brake shoe kits are available for a wide range of vehicles. Brake shoe kits offer enormous advantages: with all the components needed for installation in one kit, fitting is quicker and easier. The Textar product range also includes wear indicators, accessories, brake fluid, brake cleaner and lubricant, as well as hydraulics components* and brake tools*. (* available depending on the region.)


Choosing the right friction solution needn’t be a challenge. Be it for truck, trailer, bus or coach, Textar offers disc brake pads and drum brake linings for 100% of all European commercial vehicles. And with Textar, every product comes with the assurance of total quality, maximum safety and ultimate reliability. As the world’s leading brand for commercial vehicle brake friction and the leading supplier of brake pads and linings to both the O.E. sector and the aftermarket, Textar offers the performance and safety that only the original can guarantee. That’s why 70% of all commercial vehicles in Europe are fitted with Textar brake linings as standard. Driving innovation: Textar’s new lightweight disc brake pads combine safety with sustainability. Their ultra-strong, yet lightweight design contributes to lowering fuel consumption and emissions, so they’re better for you and for the environment, too.


With patented bonding technologies and advanced production methods approved for the O.E. sector, the Textar product range is unique in the international aftermarket. Textar friction products for commercial vehicles are a perfect combination of superior braking performance, long service life and low disc and drum wear. This first-class quality can be found across the entire range of more than 135 disc brake pads and over 430 drum brake linings for commercial vehicles.
At TMD Friction we work in partnership with vehicle, axle and brake system manufacturers to develop application specific friction solutions. It’s our knowledge and expertise that’s behind the braking technology and friction fitted to a vast range of commercial vehicles, trailers, buses and coaches as they roll off production lines.

Utilising cutting-edge brake technology, Textar brakes are precision engineered to offer maximum safety, performance and comfort. This uncompromising approach has been the very ethos of Textar for more than 100 years. And it’s the reason why Textar remains a trusted partner to the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers today.

About TMD Friction
TMD Friction, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nisshinbo Holdings Inc., is a leading global manufacturer of brake pads for the automotive and brake industries. In addition to disc brake pads and brake linings for cars and commercial vehicles, the company’s product portfolio includes brake pads for motor racing and friction materials for the industry. TMD Friction supplies the worldwide aftermarket with the Textar, Mintex, Don, Pagid, Cobreq, Nisshinbo and Bendix brands. TMD Friction also develops and produces friction linings for the industry under the Cosid brand name. The TMD Friction Group has four locations in Germany and others in Europe, the USA, Brazil, Mexico, China and Japan, and employs 4,500 people worldwide.

More information is available at www.tmdfriction.com