“Weekamper”: We travel and live on the roof! Love people, love nature!

Car roof tents and car trips in the world and now in Latvia are no longer a rarity. Those who want to travel appreciate the fact that with the iKamper roof tent it is possible not only to get and spend the night in unprecedented places, but also to quickly prepare a bed and go to peace safely, in dryness and warmth with a beautiful view through the window.

This year, the Weekamper team is offering travelers not only to buy new iKamper tents and accessories, but also to expand the range of rental services. This season, iKamper Rental Park will be double that of last season. In addition to car roof tents, you can rent crossbars, roof racks, take your energy source for camping and charging devices from Ecoflow, take a compact, foldable, fully equipped travel kitchen and cook a delicious meal in nature.

This year, the iKamper brand has launched the new 2022 collection. The new iKamper has many significant improvements that help travelers feel comfortable and comfortable away from home, in nature, on camping or visiting. We will tell you about news, improvements and rental offers at the exhibition stand. The stand will also provide an opportunity to see the roof top tent from the THULE brand, for those who want a compact and economical solution for travel.
Car travelers will be able to see the roof boxes from the Czech company HAKR, crossbars, mounting feet ect.

Lighting is one of the very important things both in the tent and when you have to go for firewood at dusk. Maybe you need a headlamp for work, sports or leisure, maybe you need a winter hat with a built-in flashlight, all at our stand from Unilite!

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We look forward to seeing you at AUTO 2022!