After several car premieres, the International Motor Show Auto 2021 comes to a grand close!

At the end of September, the International Motor Show Auto 2021, introducing its visitors to the latest automotive trends, came to a close in Ķīpsala with the traditional collective car signalling. They were three really lively days that were praised by the participants, as well as the visitors.

The International Motor Show Auto 2021 combined three shows of different themes: the new car and commercial vehicle show “New Cars”, the trade show for garage tools and equipment, spare parts, maintenance products and accessories “Auto Mechanics” and the creme de la creme – the auto tuning show “Auto Exotica”.

The latest car models, tuning masterpieces, retro vehicles, campers, ATVs, car service equipment, tools, and other innovations of the automotive industry were presented by 106 participants from 5 countries. During the three days, 13,363 visitors took part in the show in Ķīpsala.

“People have always been interested in cars and they still are! They are also thinking more about green energy and are interested in environmentally friendly vehicles, which we observed at the show’s e-mobility display “Go Green”. Nowadays, online car sales are becoming more and more popular, but they’ll never replace face to face communication. People value the fact that they can examine the cars, get in them and try them out, as well as consult with specialists. It’s great that families with children were also able to visit the motor show in accordance with all of the epidemiological safety regulations. I’m happy that many families chose the motor show as their weekend destination and it’s become like a family tradition for many,” Gints Šāvējs, Project Manager of “Auto”, elaborates.

Auto premieres
Despite the present car supply problems around the world due to the lack of electronic components (semi-conductors), several cars made their debuts in Latvia and in the Baltics at the motor show. The largest number of presentations took place at the “Autobrava” display, where the modernised “Jeep Compass” compact SUV was presented alongside two new SEAT models – the “Ibiza” hatchback and the “Arona” compact SUV. The “Opel” display witnessed the premiere of the modernised “Grandland X” SUV. In addition, the motor show saw the Baltic premiere of the eight-seat electric “Mercedes-Benz EQV” minivan.

Hottest news
The show’s premium car segment was well represented by “Audi”, who had brought the electric “e-tron GT” and “Q4 e-tron” models among others. Whereas the “Moller Auto” display presented the new “ID” electric vehicle range of “Volkswagen” with both of the latest models – “ID.3” and “ID.4”.
At the “Opel” display, visitors showed the most interest in the new and visually appealing “Opel Mokka”, which is also available in a 100% electric version in its latest generation.
Among the latest models of light commercial vehicles, “Auto 2021” saw the new “Fiat Ducato”, which is now available in the Latvian market, as well as the VW models “Caddy” and “Crafter”.
The Latvian car buyer’s guide “” gathered several winners of the “What Car? Car of the Year 2020” contest at its display, with the most notable one being the rally-ready and street-legal “Toyota GR Yaris”.

E-mobility display “Go Green”
Car buyers have become a lot more interested in electric vehicles since the Latvian government announced that subsidies in the amount of 4,500 euros would be available for the purchase of electric vehicles starting in 2022. In light of this, “Auto 2021” witnessed the impressive e-mobility display “Go Green” organised by the Automotive Association, where visitors were able to examine electric vehicles, as well as acquire information on charging possibilities and maintenance. One of the hottest cars of the display was the electric “Hyundai Ioniq 5”, which has already managed to stir up a lot of talk and see a rise in demand thanks to its successful vintage design. Visitors also showed a lot of interest in the electric and sporty “Porsche Taycan”. What’s more, the Automotive Association plans to improve on and expand its display for the next motor show.

Campers, ATVs and motorcycles
During the three days of the motor show, visitors were also able to view comfortable travel campers, which were presented by “”, “Virāžas”, “Kemperu centrs”, and “Favorit Rent”. Rooftop tents and bike racks were offered by “Weekamper”, and ATVs were presented by “CF Moto”. Visitors were also interested in the electric motorcycles, classic motorcycles, and electric bikes presented by “DUDE BIKES”. Whereas Italian design was on display at the “Askoll” stand, where visitors could check out various electric scooters.

Innovations in car maintenance
Companies taking part in the “Auto Mechanics” trade show offered everything from tyres to professional service equipment.
Visitors of Auto 2021 had the chance to get acquainted with all the latest the industry has to offer – car wrapping services, tyres, rims, car maintenance products, equipment and machinery for professionals, car dealerships, car washes, and services, as well as rust prevention products and other goods suitable for any driver. New products were presented by “3M Latvija”, “HCT Automotive”, “Krown”, “Signeda”, “Baltyre”, “ML Serviss”, “Auto Metro”, “Baltic Diagnostic”, “Mecdiesel”, “Profiks”, “Vējstikls”, “Saint Gobain Glass Estonia SE”, “ADS Security”, and others.
Whereas the display of “Neste Latvia” introduced visitors to the “Neste Easy Deli” self-service store and the “Neste” mobile app for both individuals and enterprises.

“Auto Exotica”
The most extraordinary and luxurious part of the motor show – “Auto Exotica” – presented the “Ultima GTR”, which was not only the fastest car at the show but has also been the fastest car in the world, with several world records under its belt. The car restoration and rebuild company “Lucky Thirteen” always brings something exclusive to “Auto Exotica”, and this year was no different as they presented the “BMW M2 Competition”. The company used carbon fibre body panels made in Latvia in the rebuild process. Whereas the new “Mercedes-Benz” G-Class SUV saw the biggest changes in its interior, where, as a result of the rebuild, the backseat passengers are able to experience the same high level of comfort as those riding in the front. Visitors of the motor show admired the 530 horsepower hot rod from Lithuania – the cult car from “Mad Max” and “Fast and Furious”, the “Nismo Skyline GT-R”.
Another audience favourite at “Auto Exotica” was the GAZ-63 model produced at the Gorky Automobile Plant in 1964. The vehicle currently serves as a place of accommodation at the adventure and relaxation park “Nākotnes parks”.

“Auto Exotica Awards 2021”

During the motor show, winners of the “Auto Exotica Awards 2021” were announced. The title of the fastest car at “Auto Exotica 2021” was awarded to the “Ultima GTR” supercar (presented by “Riga Customs”), which is only to be used on race tracks. Whereas the 70s “Dodge Challenger” (“Blig Detailing”) was recognised as the most “muscular” vehicle and received “The Muscle Car” title. “The Best Hotrod” title was given to the “Ford A” presented by the “V8” club from Lithuania, whereas the title for “Best Modification” was awarded to the rebuild company “Lucky Thirteen” for their 410 horsepower “BMW M2 Competition”. The “Skyline GT-R” created by “Nismo” a.k.a. “Nissan Motorsport International”, which was presented by “Hot Road Club Lithuania” at the show, was acknowledged as the “Best Japan Tuning Car”. While the “Cadillac De Ville” presented by “Hot Road Club Lithuania” received the “Best Classic” title.

The International Motor Show Auto 2022 will take place from 29 April to 1 May 2022 at Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre.

“Auto” is organised by the International Exhibition Company “BT 1”.

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