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Dog Show

For two days, more than 1700 dogs from Latvia and abroad, altogether representing 226 dog breeds, will compete for the title Riga Winner in an international competition. The competition will be the fiercest for Staffordshire bull terriers, basenjis, shelties and Australian shepherds, as they will be the most widely represented. Alongside these four-legged friends, you will see such rare breeds as Uruguayan cimarron, Russian tsvetnaya bolonka, and American hairless terriers.

Cat Show

During the two days of the international cat show, you will see roughly 400 big and small, furry and hairless pedigree cats representing a total of 26 breeds. Íîpsala will be taken over by a particularly large number of one of the largest breeds of cat, the Maine coons, as well as Scottish and Highland folds with adorable folded ears and big eyes, Kurilian bobtails with cute short tails, and many others. Visitors will be able to view specialist examinations of cats and listen to experts talking both about various breeds in general and each of the cats. The specialised shows of Persian cats, exotic shorthairs, Norwegian forest cats and Scottish shorthair straights will also be fun and educating.

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Dog competitions (Rings)
30 september
1 october

International professional dog and cat shows, vast exposition of different pets and exotic animals, an exciting entertainment programme and a wide choice of pet industry goods and services – all this can be seen at the International Pet Industry Fair ZooExpo 2017 on 30 September - 1 October in Kipsala.

Exhibition sponsor – ROYAL CANIN


• Wide exposition of pet industry goods and services • World-recognised brands • Expert consultations

Events for the whole family

• Obedience demonstrations • Dog Flyball • Circus studio shows • Dog Agility Races • Exciting shows • Variety of pets • LGK attractions at no extra charge


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Participant's list

PARTICIPANT'S LIST of the international professional dog and cat exhibition "ZooExpo 2017" - an extensive exposition of the goods and services of the zoo industry.

Zooexpo presents:

23–24 March

International Pet Industry Fair

8–9 June

International Dog Show