'' Dr.Clauder's B.A.R.F. '' 100% Canned Meat, Supplements and Natural Oils - Made in Germany.

Welcome to Dr.Clauder’s booth at ‘’ZOOEXPO 2019’’ exhibition, introducing high-end products and the new B.A.R.F. a line of products that will please every little one.

BARF - Biological, species-appropriate, correct feeding - is once again on everyone’s lips or in mouths. However, barf seems complicated at first and raises many questions: Does the animal get the right nutrients? How can I put everything together correctly to feed the animal in a balanced way?

With the B.A.R.F. products, correct feeding that is biologically appropriate for the species is made quite simple. Dr.Clauder’s is the first feed manufacturer who offers a ’B.A.R.F. complete set’ consisting of meat cans with 100% meat, vegetable side dishes in the form of smoothies or flakes and food supplements in the form of high-quality oils and minerals.

Dr. Clauder’s provides pet welfare with the highest-end products made in Germany.

More product information: http://vetmarket.lv/en/products/dr.clauders
Vetmarket, SIA. is the only official distributor of Dr.Clauder’s in Latvia
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