Fredis the buck and other friendly creatures welcome you to the Zooexpo 2019 exposition in Ķīpsala!

Animal friends and families with children are invited to ZooExpo 2019, the fluffiest autumn exposition, taking place on 26–27 October in Ķīpsala. Exciting demonstrations and shows, action-packed competitions, rare dog and cat breeds, Fredis the buck, giant frogs and many more pets, as well as fun and games for the whole family!

Beautiful and clever dogs
Big and small, longhaired and shorthaired, home guardians and hunters or simply companions and good family friends – meet a wide variety of dogs at ZooExpo 2019. 269 out of the 400 registered dog breeds in the world will be represented in Ķīpsala, including 67 breeds not registered in Latvia. Such a wide variety of dog breeds has never before been seen in Latvia! These are just some of the rare breeds: continental bulldog, Japanese Shikoku and Kai, Hungarian and Polish greyhounds, the “hunters” – Italian greyhound, Brittany, American water spaniel and Sussex spaniel. Over the course of two days you will meet 2500 dogs from 12 countries in total!

If you wish to see specific breeds, check out the ring lists: And dogs that are the best of the best will be awarded at the end of each fair day. Watch the fight for the Best of the Best title at 16:00. Just a note: this competition will also be streamed live.

Don’t just watch – come and join in!
In addition to the competition, throughout both days of the exposition the visitors will witness impressive dog obedience demonstrations, including coursing, during which dogs go head to head in a chase after a mechanically operated lure! ZooExpo will feature attractive dog breed demonstrations, circus studio performances and other entertaining shows. The spectators will also be able to join in the activities in the show arena – exercise with the poodle Tara, participate in speed races or pet the canine therapy dogs.

Purr-fectly adorable cats

Those who are more partial to cats will be delighted to see more than 300 kitties from Latvia and other countries. Among the aristocratic felines you will find truly rare breeds, such as the Toybob – the smallest cat in the world with a kinked bobbed tail, the new American breed – Havana Brown, the magnificent Birmans with their white “socks”, the oriental Seychellois cats and others.

The ZooExpo 2019 visitors will be able to watch the examination of cats and listen to the experts talking about the different breeds. There will also be specialised Kurilian bobtail and Eastern cat breed shows, as well as patterned, bicolour and ginger cat shows – all for the viewers’ delight. Throughout both exhibition days, both kittens and adult cats will compete for the winner’s title. At the end of each exhibition day, the cat show will conclude with the competition The Best of the Best, determining the winners of the day. Check out the event programme at:

From giant spiders and birds to a bull calf and a buck
Some people like dogs, others prefer cats, whereas some have a chinchilla, a parrot or even a giant spider for a pet. This is why in Ķīpsala you will also meet various parrots and other decorative birds, chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, giant birds – rheas and emu –, and even snakes, cockroaches, frogs and spiders! Who knows – maybe you will find a friend among them!

And what if you wish to see a real buck? Then ZooExpo 2019 is the right event for you, as we will also be hosting the Rabbit Town’s countryside shed with Fredis the buck, Džonis the bull calf, Ješka the rooster, rabbits and other animals who call the shed their home!

Play and jump to your heart’s content!
After all the pets have been visited, it is time for games and amusements! This is why we have especially thought of families with children and created a game zone, where the youngest ZooExpo visitors will enjoy the Avārijas Brigāde amusement park games, jump all over the LGK inflatable objects and have a table tennis or football game with their mum or dad. All of this – without any extra fees. The little ones will also be able to go on pony rides and participate in the Dino Zoo stamp game with cute prizes!

Pet products at great prices
ZooExpo 2019 will also host an extensive exposition of pet industry goods and services, offering the visitors a chance to shop at special bargain prices and pamper their pets. Nearly 90 Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Russian, British and German companies will offer pet food, grooming kits, cages, a wide variety of accessories and toys, as well as consultations.

In search for a four-legged friend
If you are still looking for your four-legged friend, the exhibition is the right place for discovering a wide variety of dog and cat breeds. Moreover, 21 cynology clubs also participate in the Ķīpsala exposition! Each visitor will be able to consult with experts that specialise in different breeds to find answers to their questions – and maybe even find their next pet there!

Venue and time

26–27 October from 10:00–18:00 at the Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre

Take note!
If you wish to visit the exhibition with your dog who does not participate in the show, you will have to present your dog’s veterinary certificate at the 11th gate and the dog will have to undergo a veterinary check-up before you can purchase a ticket.

Ticket prices:
Children up to the age of 4: free entrance!
Children (aged 5 to 18) – EUR 3.50
Pensioners, disabled, students – EUR 4.50
Adults – EUR 6.00
Family ticket (2+2; 1+3) – EUR 13.00; more children – EUR 1.50 per child
Tickets are already available at:

The DinoZoo Gold Client card grants you admission for a special price (only at the venue)! ( )

Parking – EUR 4.00