Luposan Baltic – feeds and supplements from German manufacturers Markus–Muhle and Luposan

Together with nutritional experts we have developed a premium complete food for all dogs, which is designed specifically to meet your dog’s needs via its near-natural composition and nutritional production method. Cold-pressing means that we are able to avoid high temperatures and the use of steam during the manufacture of dry dog food. This ensures that the nutrients contained within the pellet are conserved to the greatest possible extent, therefore providing the closest species-appropriate diet for your dog.

Luposan is 100% natural supplements, minerals and vitamins for dogs and cats of all ages. The combination of natural ingredients in the form of granules of cold pressing will simply and effectively provide your pet with the necessary elements for an active and healthy life.


1) Gelenk 30 supplement for joint, with 30% mussel extract (2.7 kg) only 75.99 euro
2) Discounts on feed and minerals

Lupo Mineral with calcium and phosphorus, supplements for normal formation of bone tissue

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Riga, Latvia +371 270 82 130 Tatyana
Tallinn, Estonia +372 536 45 545 Kristina