Get to know little and dear ponies! For childrens - also riding!

The horse riding club "Mežezeri" will provide "ZooExpo 2019" visitors with the exhibition a chance to get acquainted with the ponies - the smallest species of the horse. Anyone will be able to get interesting information not only about ponies, but also about horses - about character traits, colors, emotions and much more.

Everyone will have the opportunity to offer a carrot or toast from their own hands to the world’s smallest pony species - the Shetland Pony. In addition, children from the age of 1.5 will have an opportunity to ride on the pony.

Horse riding club "Mežezeri" is located very close to Riga (between Riga and Salaspils - Rumbula) and offers horse and pony riding for experienced riders and people who want to spend their free time on these graceful animals. There is a chance to try to get into the role of a rider on the square and also enjoy walking around on horse’s back. The offer also includes riding training, show jumping and dressage basics for anyone who wants to learn skills from begining or continue to master the skills of riding. We also accept the smallest hunters in our school, starting at the age of 1.5 - 2 years. We also go to the customers and take part in their events. 

Warmly welcome everyone who wants to spend free time in the fresh air with horses!