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Latvian Company To Launch a Unique Bicycle Lock

AM Locks Ltd. is proud to announce the launch of a unique bicycle lock. The new lock, called S-lock combines the physical protection of a typical U-type bike lock with an ingenious add-on. S-lock’s shakle is filled under pressure with a blend of abnoxious odours - rotten eggs, onions and feces. In comparison with standard U-type locks, S-lock weighs 50% less
Thieves attempting to tamper with the S-lock will be sprayed with the odorant mixture causing extreme discomfort and thus detering the theft.

“All locks can be cut in matter of minutes”, says company CTO Dr. Andis Slaitas. “Even hardended steel locks fail to the modern power tools. With S-lock we have created a bike lock that resists attempts of tampering. We like to call it an active lock.”

Martins Fridenbergs, company CFO continues, “We have received a very positive response to the S-lock idea. People easily visualise the S-lock in action. We are looking forward to the product launch in 10 days. As far as I know S-lock will be the first active lock in the market. Thieves beware!”, Martins jokes.

S-lock is designed and manufactured by AM Locks Ltd., a private company based in Riga, Latvia.

For questions and inquiries please contact company CFO Martins Fridenbergs,