Check out for new products at Riga Food 2019!

Sweet courgette cake, horseradish vinegar with chilli, beer with milk, quick and easy scrambled eggs… these are just some of the new and interesting products Latvian companies are going to present and offer to taste and buy at the Baltic’s largest food exhibition “Riga Food 2019” to be held at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre from September 4 to 7. Come and enjoy the flavours you haven’t had yet!

Dessert cakes of courgettes, beetroot, pumpkin and carrots

You say, “Beetroot? No way! Courgette? No, it’s not for me!" We say, “Just try and you’ll be surprised how good it can taste!” What’s more? Think about vitamins and minerals they do contain. The family company’s “Diamonds Food Group” assortment includes delicious gluten-free and delactosed confectionery products “Dabas dimanti” — courgette, beetroot, pumpkin and carrot cakes that provide a striking taste experience for both children and adults.

Cheese for grilling
The garden party season is going on, so Jaunpils Dairy offers its novelty – cheese for grilling. It is already sliced and ready for grilling or frying. Great for garden parties and other meals. Cheese for grilling will be a perfect addition to green salad, casseroles, and a delicious snack with beer.

Beer with milk and raspberries
Milkshake Ale is currently making its way in the world. Following the latest trends, Viedi Brewery has created a smoky and fruity beer “Piena ceļš” (Milky Way) that will introduce you to the world of Milkshake ale. Lactose was added to “Piena ceļš” to counterbalance the bitterness of hops. Cherry and raspberry wheat beer is another novelty and bears quite a mysterious name – “Ercena dāma” (The Queen of Hearts).

Latvian black caviar

Do you know what kind of delicacy the Queen of England enjoys during the holidays? Yes, caviar produced by Mottra, a company located near Riga. Lady Gaga and Elton John have also included them in their party menu! High-end black caviar made in Latvia is already popular in Hollywood, the UK and many other places across the world. Visit “Riga Food 2019” and try our sturgeon caviar, too!

Beetroot bread
The authentic taste of rye is known to both big and small. Appreciating the main characteristics of beetroot – its saturated colour, pronounced taste and nutritional value, it has been added to the small loaf of Hanzas Maiznīca’s rye bread to enrich and diversify your daily taste experience. The bread contains 50% vegetables, high fibre and wholegrain rye flour. No baker’s yeast added. Really healthy!

The quickest scrambled eggs in the world
It takes 15 seconds to cook the healthy and tasty Scraegg scrambled eggs. Only organic chicken eggs and spices and no preservatives are used in the preparation process. You do not need oil or fat to make scrambled eggs. Ideal for fast food outlets, hotels, guesthouses, offsite catering at festivals, sports events, cafes and even restaurants.

Truffles with hemp seeds and protein
With healthy seed bars Sēklu muss has already conquered the hearts of those who have a sweet tooth. Now we have a brand new product with hemp seeds and protein. It is a combination of heavenly flavours – peppermint, strawberry and hemp – that fills you with energy and a sense of happiness. Taste it at “Riga Food 2019”!

Horseradish vinegar with chili
MārLapiņi is the only company not only in Latvia but also in the world that produces such a variety of horseradish products. The family company develops new products every year. This year, it is horseradish vinegar with chili – a wonderful combination of aroma and taste. Horseradish vinegar with chili will be a great addition to any meal. Ideal for meat, salads, marinades and seafood. In the exhibition, try not only horseradish vinegar with chili, but horseradish with raspberries, black currants and sea buckthorn, horseradish biscuits, horseradish truffles and even horseradish chips.

Bake at home ciabatta
Not only will it fill your home with the aroma of freshly baked bread, it will have a yummy crispy crust! Dark ciabatta or ciabatta with olives? The novelty by Latvijas Maiznieks – the bake at home line of products is something unique and unprecedented in Latvia. Just 10 minutes at 190 ?C and it is ready! During the exhibition, visitors will have an opportunity to not only taste but also bake bread!

Passion fruit dressing
Exotic fruit gain more and more popularity nowadays and people like to try something new. Last year, Riga Food visitors tried three new “Pūre” sweet dressings developed for this exhibition. The most delicious of them was that of passion fruit. Therefore, we decided to start production and offer it to consumers. Unusual and exotic passion fruit dressing has a sweet-sour taste and contains crunchy seeds that make it a perfect addition to ice cream, confectionery, pancakes and various desserts.

This year, both domestic and international food companies have chosen to present their new products directly at Riga Food 2019, therefore be ready for surprises. There’s really a lot of news! Find out more:

Riga Food 2019 – from business contacts to gastronomic delights!
The Baltic’s largest food fair “Riga Food 2019” at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre, September 4–7, will offer a vast exposition by international and domestic companies and organizations, master and food competitions, presentations of new products, educational seminars, exciting shows, masterclasses and tasting sessions.

Riga Food is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.
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