Gemoss will present a range of environmentally friendly disposables

At a time when people are increasingly thinking about how to be as environmentally friendly as possible, customized disposable tableware has come under the spotlight. Gemoss invites you to take care of the environment and is going to offer a wide range of ecological disposables at Riga Food 2019.

It is no longer just a matter of thinking about environmentally friendly solutions. A series of disposable plastic products, such as disposable plastic containers, cocktail straws, cotton buds and balloon stems, will be banned in 2021. The reduction targets will be applied to disposable plastic containers for food and beverages: hamburger packaging, sandwich boxes, dessert and snack containers. The directive also aims to reduce the consumption of various other plastic products and to promote their recycling. Such restrictions significantly affect the daily work of the catering industry, so alternatives and solutions need to be considered well in advance.

Gemoss invites you to think green
Ieva Treija, CEO of Gemoss, says that in recent years, there has been a significant increase in interest in eco-friendly disposables, which alone proves that people really care about the environment we live in. “Instead of buying plastic straws that take too long to decompose in nature, bartenders are keen on paper straws, while wooden, palm leaf and paper disposable plates are increasingly being used to serve snacks at banquets and larger events. Gemoss supports this EU initiative to avoid nature pollution. For this reason, we also plan to pack some of our products in more environmentally friendly packaging in the future and expand our offer with an even more diverse range of disposables and alternatives such as wheat and potato starch drinking straws.”