Gemoss will present its own brands and products

Every year, Gemoss develops new brands and products for healthier and energy-filled life. Gemoss sees, hears and feels what customers want, so using creative approach they offer the highest quality products. Gemoss will present its brands and products at the Riga Food 2019 fair.

With love and respect for nature and all that surrounds us, Gemoss has created such brands as “Zelta Rieksts”, “Just Nature”, “Chocolate it” and others that have won customers’ hearts and have emerged as discoveries for successful cooking.
“Zelta Rieksts” is one of the most well-known Gemoss brands, which for more than 20 years has been one of the largest importers of nuts and dried fruits, providing Latvian residents with quality, premium nuts, seeds and dried fruit mixes.
For those who love organic food, the brand “Bio Zelta Rieksts” has also been created, offering certified organic nuts selected to the highest quality standards.
Thinking and caring for health, Gemoss has developed the “Just Nature” brand, a specially developed product line that offers the cereal and pulse products a human body needs.
Milk “Viens Piens” was developed thinking of those, who make coffee drinks. It is natural cow’s milk with a fat content of 3.2%, heated at 135 °C for two seconds and cooled rapidly. This treatment technique is important for the preparation of consistent quality coffee drinks.
“Chocolate it” products have been created for those who love sophisticated things, value quality and balance of flavours. These exclusive bonbons are made of the highest quality nuts, dried and sublimated fruits, roasted coffee beans and Belgian chocolate.

Every visitor will have an opportunity to check out these and other products by Gemoss at Riga Food 2019.