Lāči will present modern and high quality breads with reduced sugar and salt content

Bakery LĀČI will present new and modern breads made from high-quality raw materials during the Riga Food exhibition – Real Grain Bread, Real rye Bread with less sugar, Flour-free Bread, as well as various Bread of Vegetables, Berries and Seeds. The composition of the new generation of breads is based on the demands of modern consumers. New breads have an increased amount of fiber and protein, while salt and sugar levels are greatly reduced.

Lāči real rye bread with reduced sugar content
Reducing sugar content in the Real Rye Bread, the Lāči bakery cares for those who live a healthy lifestyle. Primitive in its look and taste – rye-bread is a symbol of Latvian nation. Just like in old times, it is baked on a hearth in a wood-heated stove. Each loaf is hand-made by the baking masters. Made from coarse rye flour, without any additives, it is fermented for a long time, providing good baking properties, constant taste, smell and highest nutritional value - even during long-term storage. This fermentation process produces enzymes that contain vitamins several times more potent than synthetic ones.

Lāči real grain bread
Real grain bread is a delicious and valuable product containing much-needed nutrients. The product has been awarded the VP label (Valuable Product) recommended by the Diet Physicians Association, which confirms that this bread is low in salt and sugar. The bread is baked in a wood-heated stove and cut from a big loaf.

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Enterprise name: SIA “Lāči”
Adrese: "Benūžu – Skauģi", Babītes pagasts, Babītes novads, LV-2107, Latvija
Web page: www.laci.lv
Phone: 371 66047555
E-mail: maize@laci.lv

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