New Products By Pūre: Passion Fruit Sauce, Organic Tomato Sauce and Honey

All visitors of Riga Food 2019 will have an exclusive chance to try new products by Pūre. Enjoy the exotic flavour of the passion fruit sauce, appreciate the natural origins of the organic tomato sauce and experience the natural diversity and richness of Latvian nature through the honey of Kuldīga Municipality fields and meadows.

Passion fruit sauce
The popularity of exotic fruit products is growing as people like to try new things. Last year, Pūre brought three new sweet sauces to Riga Food, made specifically for the event. Passion fruit sauce was deemed the tastiest, so we decided to bring it to our consumers on the market. The unique and exotic passion fruit sauce with a distinctly bittersweet fruity taste and edible, crunchy seeds will be an excellent topping for ice cream, pastries, pancakes and various desserts.

Organic tomato sauce

In recent years, the demand for organically produced products has grown significantly, and they are taking up more space on the store shelves. Pūre also offers its organic tomato sauce, because not everyone has a greenhouse in their backyard or a diligent grandma living in the countryside. The organic tomato sauce is made from organically grown and obtained premium ingredients only. The delicious organically grown tomato sauce will be a juicy addition to your summer meals: meat dishes, soups and sauces. A natural product for green lifestyle supporters.

Meds honey in portion cups
The Latvian honey Meds is now available in easy-to-use packaging. Particularly suitable for children, travellers and busy people. Meds is collected in the meadows and forests of Kuldīga Municipality and processed in a farm. One portion contains 28 g of product.