The Flora bakery will present BIO bread and new whole grain biscuits

Visitors of the fair Riga Food 2019 will be introduced to BIO seed bread made from organic agricultural produce and certified ingredients in the Flora bakery. Visitors will also be able to taste three kinds of new whole grain biscuits, consisting of only 100% natural ingredients.

The bakeries of Flora produce BIO bread
Each BIO bread bun is handmade.
• contains a lot of fibre;
• no added sugar;
• no added fat;
• contains natural sugar.

Ingredients: wheat flour*, water, wheat grains* 6%, sunflower seeds* 4%, linseeds* 3%, pumpkin seeds* 2%, yeast*, iodised salt.
• New whole grain biscuits
• Whole grain biscuits with apples and cinnamon;
• Whole grain biscuits with blueberries and raspberries;
• Whole grain biscuits with 20% chocolate and hazelnuts.