“Maiznīca Priekule” will present premiun bread snack!

In the exhibition bakery “Maiznīca Priekule” is going to present its latest PREMIUM bread snack line as well as other well-known bread products.

Bakery “Maiznīca Priekule” will give the chance to the exhibition visitors to try the company’s TOP new product of this summer - PREMIUM line bread snacks, and the all times most popular product bred snacks “Zacīte”. Visitors will have the opportunity not only to buy but also to taste most preferred bread products that have become the most liked goods because of their specific production methods.

"Maiznīca Priekule" started its operations more than 60 years ago in 1950. The company’s greatest pride is the old-fashion wood-burning oven. This oven gives the chance to the bakery to produce bread using traditional and ancient Latvian recipes. The company is also proud of the fact the bread and other pastries are handmade.

More: www.priekulesmc.lv