Product innovation – healthy and functional nutrition

Latvian Technological Centre (LTC) and Enterprise Europe Network Latvia (EEN-Latvia) organize an exhibition "Food Innovation" to be held at Riga Food 2018, 5–8 September, that will provide emerging and existing entrepreneurs an opportunity to expert advice in order to turn their ideas into a competitive product or service. The exhibition will also present the latest products and developments in the food sector developed in cooperation with Latvian research and development institutions.

Several of these products have been developed in the field of fitness and nutrition that continue to experience innovation for several consecutive years with ever new products high in protein and fibre content and reduced amount of sugar and artificial additives. Innovation Stand will present and offer for tasting the Kefa Factory whey protein with stevia, a natural sweetener, as well as new developments from the students of the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies (LLU) and collaborative projects. RicBerry will offer two innovations: jellies for athletes and protein bars made in cooperation with the experts from LLU and Latvian Academy of Sports Education.

Those who love non-typical flavours will have an opportunity to taste aloe vera marmalade, as well as products rich in earthworm protein and get acquainted with the latest research on this delicacy. The Very Berry company will offer to taste their latest functional beverages made in cooperation with the specialists from the RSU Scientific Laboratory of Biochemistry. There will also be an opportunity to get information about antioxidants and their amount in the Very Berry juices.

As innovation and science are a long-term process that often requires multiple testing, recycling and improvement, Innovation Stand will also offer upgraded products and newer recipes presented over previous years. This is an opportunity for visitors not only to be first to learn about new products that are not yet available in the stores, but even to participate in the development of recipes, giving their views on the desired properties of taste, texture and packaging.

If you have questions about the development, commercialization, inspection, patenting or financial support of new products, you can receive answers visiting the Food Innovation Stand. Moreover, you will also get information on educational opportunities in food related industries.

On the third day of exhibition, 7 September, LTC and EEN-Latvia will hold an international matchmaking event for entrepreneurs and potential partners. The matchmaking event gives businesspeople and scientists looking for partners in the field of business or research, new product development, new markets or collaborative forms an opportunity to discuss cooperation during prearranged meetings. Participants from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Georgia, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Canada and the USA have already registered. Register and pre-arrange meetings by 3 September!

Further information on Food Innovation Stand and Matchmaking Event:
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