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An international professional dog and cat exhibition, an extensive exposition of the most varied pets and exotic animals, an exciting programme of entertainment events, as well as an extensive exposition of the goods and services of the zoo industry - all will be presented at the international pets and zoo industry exhibition PetExpo 2020, which will be held in Kipsala on 21 and 22 March.

Participant's list

PARTICIPANT'S LIST of the international professional dog and cat exhibition "PetExpo 2019" - an extensive exposition of the goods and services of the zoo industry.

Dog Show

Over the two days of the fair, nearly 4,000 dogs from 16 countries will compete for the title of the best canine. There will be a total of 236 dog breeds represented, including such rare ones as the Komondor, sometimes referred to as a “mop dog”, the Spanish galgo or Spanish greyhound (Galgo Espanol), the Bouvier des Ardennes, a number of such “French aristocrats” as the Ariege Pointer (Braque de l'Ariege) and the Artesian Norman Basset (Basset Artesien Normand) as well as hunting dogs, e.g. the Small Munsterlander Pointer.

Cat Show

Cat lovers will also have the opportunity to see intense competitions, which will include more than 400 cats. Among all of the noble ones of 34 cat breeds presented at "PetExpo" it will be also possible to see rarities such as Ragdolls, Bombay cats, Birmans, or the Sacred Cats of Burma, and Norwegian Forest cats. Those beautiful and noble cats will be judged by five feline experts from Italy, Russia, Germany and Lithuania.

for the entire family

• The widest range of various pets and exotic animals • Inflatable attractions at no extra charge

Exciting Competitions and Demonstrations

• Dog obedience demonstrations • Cat rings and shows • Coursing • Dog Grooming Competition


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• A wide exposition of zoo industry goods and services • World's top brands • Specialist consultations

To apply for participation in “Petexpo”, please contact the organiser.

PETEXPO presents:

26-27 October

International Pet Industry Fair

13–14 June

International Dog Show