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Exhibition news

 Visitor numbers increase at PetExpo 2018!

The biggest pet industry fair "PetExpo 2018", which brought together 121 participants from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Russia, Poland and Great Britain finished on Sunday, March 18. A total of 24,281 visitors, or 17% more than last year, attended the Kipsala International Exhibition Centre to get acquainted with the products and services currently available in the market and to see a vast variety of pets!
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 PetExpo 2018 - snakes, frogs, lizards, spiders and other arthropods!

“PetExpo 2018”, March 17-18 in Kipsala, will offer to watch not only lovely dogs and cats, but also a number of quite unusual pets - snakes, frogs, lizards, spiders, millipedes, stick insects and cockroaches of different species. The boldest of visitors will be allowed to touch and even take them in their hands!
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 PetExpo 2018 – more news, more dogs and cats!

The largest pet industry show "PetExpo 2018" this spring, bringing together even more dogs and cats, including those of rare breeds, is going to take place March 17–18 at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre. In addition to all beauty contests and agility shows, there will be the first in Latvia Dog Grooming Competition held!
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Participant news

ROYAL CANIN: Animals - our first priority!

We are inviting you to visit our stands where we will introduce you to our new wet food for breed cats and dogs. If you have a Yorkshire terrier, Dachshund, Chihuahua, Maine Coon or a British Shorthair, then this novelty is for you. See you there!
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“VetLine Medical” stand will surprise you with the widest range of grain free and low grain pet food you have ever seen before!

We offer you a wide selection of Farmina Pet Foods production (Italy) for very good prices:
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“SELENA" offer accessories for grooming, pet's coat care products and more!

Accessories for grooming:
- hair clippers for domestic and farm animals
- blades and attachment combs for clippers
- dryers
- combs and brushes
- scissors
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”Dog Fan” offers souvenirs and dog show accessories

We are waiting for you at our ”Dog Fan” trade place. We offer souvenirs and gifts with dogs (figurines, magnets, brooches, key holders, mugs etc) and Dog Show Accessories – embroidered treat bags, show number holders.
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Latvian brand Vanilly offers an exclusive accessories for dogs and cats!

Exclusive pet accessories from latvian brand Vanilly. Pet carriers, beds, houses, cages.
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Get to know little and dear ponies! For childrens - also riding!

The horse riding club "Meţezeri" will provide visitors with the "PetExpo 2018" exhibition a chance to get acquainted with the ponies - the smallest species of the horse. Anyone will be able to get interesting information not only about ponies, but also about horses - about character traits, colors, emotions and much more.
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Make your choice with high quality products - SOFTCARE and HYGISOFT!

DHS Ltd. is the official representative of the Finnish company Oy Soft Protector Ltd. in Latvia and will offer innovative and high quality products SOFTCARE and HYGISOFT for the participants of the exhibition PetExpo 2018.
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New puzzle games from Nina Ottosson!

Nina Ottoson is the original designer and developer of dog activity games & toys since 1990. Nina Ottosson`s philosophy is that the dog has four legs and one head, and all five need activity in different ways - both physical and mental. Also they use only the best materials whichs are safe for pets.
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ZOOGEN offer a special discount price for tests!

ZOOGEN company offers the conduction of molecular-genetic research for dogs in such fields as hereditary disorder diagnostics, genetics of coat pattern and other exterior warnings, as well as genetic identification and parentage testing.
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"Preces darbam" will offer dog cages, dog houses and their equipment!

Various types and models of cages for dogs, various types of houses for dogs produced in Latvia, and various types of equipment for dog cages (floors, walls, etc.) will be shown on the stand of SIA "Preces darbam".
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PetCity is all-round service center for pet owners!

Here is not only a veterinary pharmacy, but also a pet shop and grooming salon. At PetCity you can purchase veterinary medicine and medical supplies, animal hygiene and care products, specialized supplementary feed, antiparasitic products, various range of feed, toys and other accessories for dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles and fishes.
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JOSERA: Only the best for your four-legged friend

During the exhibition can purchase pet food at reasonable prices and to apply Josera breeders programme which will guarantee reasonable Josera offer. Josera quality products are appealing thanks to outstanding acceptance, excellent digestibility and compatibility – even in case of special needs.
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First choice - professional super premium cat and dog food SPECIFIC!

Good nutrition is important for the health and well-being of our pets. "Dimela Veta Latvija" represents professional super premium cat and dog food SPECIFIC which is suitable for both daily use and for improving pet’s health and quality of life. Our slogan for SPECIFIC is "FOOD FOR ALL LIFE!". As well we offer high quality nutritional supplements and pet hygiene products.
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Universitates Vetfonds - all for your animal’s health and well-being

SIA Universitates Vetfonds will offer all for your animal’s health and well-being, ranging from special health maintenance feed additives, multivitamins and care products for small animals, to a variety of products needed for every pet owner – nail scissors, eye, ear and teeth cleaning accessories, safety belts and seat coverings for cars.
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Purina Pro Plan offers only top quality pet food!

We offer a complete and balanced Super premium class pet food for both dogs and cats. Great discounts will be offered on all pet food at the exhibition "PetExpo 2018" and a surprise gift for every purchase!
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Latvian Swiss Mountain Dogs club

Latvian Swiss Mountain Dogs club is a great team of people and their four-legged friends. Two nice Swiss breeds are introduced in the club – The Bernese Mountain dog and The Greater Swiss Mountain dog.
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The Latvian Labrador – Retriever Breeds Club

The breeds represented by our club have gained their popularity not only because of their universal character, but also because of different advertisements. Labradors and Golden Retrievers like to play with children and rest with their owners, but they can also scare away unwelcome guests. Their perfect ability to catch a scent, and intelligence and willingness to please their owner makes these dogs perfect companions. We are also proud of our first curly and straight fur Retrievers in the club.
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The Latvian Newfoundland and Landseer Club

Our dogs are so big and mighty that small city apartments are just not suitable for them. The steady character and smooth temper of Newfoundlands and Landseers make them perfect house guards and baby-sitters, however the main mission of these dogs is to rescue drowning people. Now we are working on providing our dogs to work with lifeguards on beaches so that they can help in cases of trouble in the water.
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The Latgale Regional Pet Centre

Out club joins dog lovers from the whole of Latgale. We represent various breeds, but we also train dogs with no selected breed. We also have dog therapy specialists working with children with special needs. We welcome everyone who likes, wants and cares to spend their free time together with our four-legged friends!
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The German Shepherd Dog Club

Sharik from the movie “Four Tankists and a Dog” or Inspector Rex, are dogs loved not just by one generation. We, the members of the German Shepherd Dog Club, are proud that our breed has been popular for almost 100 years! If you are still looking for your dog, come and join us and you will find out many ways of how to spend time together with your four legged friend!
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The Latvian Dachshund and Hunt Terrier Club

In our club you can get acquainted with all nine dachshund breeds as well as with Fox Terriers and other hunt terriers. If you are a hunter, our dogs will be of great assistance in forest when coursing, but if you simply like any of our breeds, you should know that these dogs are suitable for living both in the city and in the countryside and are great companions for playing and also for guarding a property.
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Talsi Cynological Club

Just like the regional clubs our club is also happy to welcome new dog owners. We are gradually introducing new breeds to Talsi. Thanks to Ilze, our cynologist and dog trainer, our club members themselves are the active trainers of their own dogs and the dogs listen to the commands of their owners, the gestures and the voice, and are able to find hidden objects. The members of our club are people of all generations, including children, teenagers and seniors. Everyone has to participate in order to reach the goals!
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The Society of Terrier Admirers

In line with the name of our club, we respect, love and care for different terriers. Our dogs are very different and colourful in their appearance, but they all are real terriers – independent, slightly stubborn, good rat hunters and always ready to take part in a hangout or a brawl. Many terriers don’t shed fur, so it has to be cut or pulled out. If you would like to become a terrier admirer, come and join us!
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The Latvian Central Club of St. Bernards

All the dogs in our club are like Beethoven from the popular movie and even better! St. Bernards are even-tempered, heavy and right-minded; they have a lot of self-respect. Due to their highly developed senses these dogs can find people trapped in avalanches and rescuers in the Alps use these dogs for this purpose even today. A little smaller, but also exciting are the Leonbergers that have recently joined our club. As our dogs are rather big, they are only suitable for living in an open space – farmsteads and private houses. Owners of block apartments and bungalows should really consider another breed.
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The Latvian Sheep and Shepherd Dog Breed Club

Our club represents breeds that are developed in order to help people in their daily tasks of tending cattle. We have dogs for everyone’s taste – small in size, but courageous Cordies, graceful Collies, agile and active Australian Cattle Dogs, Border Collies, snow-white Swiss Shepherd Dogs and different Belgian dog breeds: Tervuerens, Malinois and Groenendalers. Our dogs are eager to work and they demand attention from their owner, thus ensuring physical activity.
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The Latvian Poodle Club

Did you know that poodles are an old hunt breed that was widely used for this purpose in France? Today poodles are one of the aristocratic breeds. What can be better than the coiffured and spruced poodle in a black, white, apricot or silver colour? Poodles do not moult fur, they are one of the most intelligent dogs and they are also widely used in circus performances. Choose your poodle and join us!
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The Latvian Rottweiler Club

Rottweilers are one of the best working dog breeds as they are eternally faithful to their owner, and are good guards and defenders; but, their breeding and training takes time and discipline. Our dogs are often used for work by Great Britain’s police and security companies in Latvia.
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The Latvian Toy Dog Club

Our club represents toy dog breeds – small in size, different in appearance and perfect for transportation by road and air. Besides the popular Chihuahua and Russian Toy breeds we also have Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Butterfly dogs or Papillons, Phalenes and different Bichon dog breeds.
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The National Chow and Primitive Dog Type Club

We have comprised the Spitz type dog breeds and those breeds that are less altered by human beings over the years, such as Akitas, Shibas and Basenji which is a breed that is still found in the wilds of the Congo River in Africa. Our dogs are unique due to their character and beauty, but Akitas and Chow dogs require steady breeding and strict training.
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The Latvian Hunting Dog Club

Our club comprises hound and setter breeds, including Laikas. Many our club members are hunters and as well as practising the hobby of dog breeding they also like to hunt. Our dogs are trained in different hunting styles and the club members have many ways of how to spend their free time by participating in exhibitions, trainings and examinations.
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The Latvian Pekingese and Japanese Chin Club

The aristocracy of ancient China and Japan highly appreciated these dog breeds and up to the 19th century forbade exporting them out of the country. Even today the Pekingeses and Japanese Chins are rather rare breeds, but those who have become acquainted with the sensitive, lovely Japanese Chin or the independent Pekingese, that have the heart of a lion, remain faithful to this breed for life.
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The Latvian Sighthound and Coursing Club

Our club represents all windhound breeds from the Irish Wolfhound to the Italian Greyhound. These breeds have acquired their name thanks to their wind-like running speed which makes them globally popular contestants in dog races, also participated in by our club members. Maybe that is what you are missing – training in the open air, competition excitement when watching your dog run and many new friends.<
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The Cynological Club “Reto”

The Cynological Club “Reto” unites owners of different dogs and this is what makes us unique. We are a happy home both for owners of huge German Danes and lovers of tiny Russian Toys. We will help you to join the company of our members, dog owners, and provide consultations and assistance whenever it is needed.
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