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An international professional dog and cat exhibition, an extensive exposition of the most varied pets and exotic animals, an exciting programme of entertainment events, as well as an extensive exposition of the goods and services of the zoo industry - all will be presented at the international pets and zoo industry exhibition PetExpo 2018, which will be held in Kipsala on 17 and 18 March.

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Dog Show

During each day of the fair, approximately 1,600 dogs will compete for the title of the best canine, and there will be a total of more than 3,000 pups from 14 countries. Most of them will be from Latvia, however, there will also be a lot of dogs from Finland, Russia and Estonia. There will even be pooches from Spain, Italy and the Czech Republic, and India will be represented for the first time! Over the two days of the fair, visitors will be able to see 231 different breeds – including such rare ones as Saluki (also known as the Persian Greyhound) and the Japanese Fighting Dog Tosa. Besides, there will be several newly created breeds – Barbado da Terceira, Bohemian Shepherd and others who still have a lot of recognition procedures to go through.

Cat Show

Cat lovers will have the chance to view exciting competitions, which will include more than 400 cats, representing 26 different breeds. Among them will be the rare Turkish Angora cats, Burmillas and Birman cats, whereas the beloved and large Maine Coons will be represented in especially large numbers. Visitors of the fair will be able to view specialist examinations of cats and listen to the experts talk about various breeds, as well as every cat in particular.


• A wide exposition of the zoo industry’s goods and services • World's top brands • Specialist consultations

Events for the entire family

• Dog breed demonstrations • Coursing • Exciting shows • The widest range of various pets


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Participant's list

PARTICIPANT'S LIST of the international professional dog and cat exhibition "PetExpo 2017" - an extensive exposition of the goods and services of the zoo industry.

PETEXPO presents:

30 September
and 1 October

International Pet Industry Fair

9–10 June

International Dog Show