Purina Pro Plan and Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets: only the best quality food

We offer complete and balanced super premium pet food and clinical diets for cats and dogs with special needs.

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Better food today for your cat’s future
Complete and balanced PRO PLAN® food for cats delivers top-quality nutrition and scientifically-proven positive health effects. PRO PLAN® products are manufactured from carefully selected high-quality, easily digestible ingredients exceeding the minimum nutritional requirements to ensure that cats stay healthy every day.

Special nutrient formulas OPTISTART®, OPTIDIGEST®, OPTIRENAL®, OPTIDERMA®, OPTILIGHT®, OPTISENSES™, and LONGEVIS® incorporated in PRO PLAN® products were developed to ensure complete and healthy nutrition throughout the kitten, adult and senior stages of a cat’s life.

Nutrition for a wonderful life together
Complete top-quality PRO PLAN® dry food for dogs was developed by Purina veterinarians and nutritionists to ensure proper nutrition during any stage of a dog’s life depending on various requirements with respect to breed, lifestyle and physical characteristics.

This tasty food stimulates digestion and is based on meat. It was developed to promote the natural protective system of animals, and is recommended by veterinarians and professional dog breeders.

PURINA® PRO PLAN® VETERINARY DIETS clinical diets for dogs and cats were developed based on decades of scientific research. The dry and wet food is based on the latest expertise in veterinary science and clinical nutrition, and its ability to control feline and canine diseases is clinically proven.

The range comprises various types of clinical diets to meet specific health needs of dogs and cats. Each meal is nutritionally balanced, satisfies specific nutritional requirements, and contains a balanced amount of all the nutrients required to maintain the body, incl. Proteins, vitamins and minerals.

About Nestlé Purina Petcare
We believe that people and their pets complement and help each other to live better lives. This conviction has inspired us to keep going forward for more than 90 years. It inspires our team of more than 400 scientists, incl. Nutritional experts that develop new leading pet food products and make these products available to pets around the world.

At Purina, we treat industry standards as a starting point for the quality and safety of our pet food. All of our products not only meet these standards, but often exceed the applicable requirements for optimum nutrition.

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