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17 September 10.00–18.00

18 September 10.00–18.00

Full ticket - 4 €

Schoolchildren, students, senior citizens, disabled people – 3 €

Parking place - 4 €

Notice for participants of Latvian Dentist association conference!
Conference registration and payment for participation and visiting the exhibition shall be done at Registration points in the Exhibition Centre lobby!
Payment options – in cash or by credit card.
Fee payment – Eur 10 (for each day).

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Events programme


Hall No. 2
“Medbaltica 2019” Official Opening Ceremony

Seminar room 1
Conference of the Latvian Medical Association (LMA) “Complementary medicine. What and why?” More >>>

Seminar room 2
Conference of the Healthcare Employers' Association and the Latvian Hospitals Association “Health care in the 2020 Budgeting Environment” More >>>

Seminar room 3
Conference of the Latvian Medical Association and the Latvian Association of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians “Health of a young woman” More >>>

Seminar room 4
Latvian Dental Association Conference Day 1 More >>>

Seminar room 5
Digital Health Society Conference “Recent Developments and Innovation in General Treatment and Healthcare” More >>>

Seminar room 6
Conference of the Pharmacists’ Society of Latvia “Current topics regarding ensuring contemporary pharmacotherapy to a diabetes patient” More >>>


Seminar room 1
Latvian Association of Dental Hygienists Conference More >>>

Seminar room 3
Latvian Nurses Association Conference “The Road Towards a New Era of Nursing” More >>>

Seminar room 4
Interdisciplinary Conference of the Latvian Medical Association “Heart Health at Different Ages: Prevention, Affecting Factors” More >>>

Seminar room 5
Preventive Medicine Association Conference “Biochemistry of metabolism or the role of nutrients in preventing diseases” More >>>

Seminar room 6
Latvian Dental Association Conference Day 2 More >>>

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Seminar room 2
“Medbaltica 2019” seminars
20 September

10.00–12.00 Important guidelines for aesthetic restoration of rear teeth
10.00–10.15 Brief introduction to QAdental, an international consultation and e-learning portal
Speaker: Mikko Nyman, chief dentist, DDS, Finland
10.15–12.00 Lecture

Conservative dentistry today offers dentists unlimited opportunities of performing dental restoration in the rear of the mouth that looks natural, invisible and retains long-term functional properties. Use of the new generation composite materials makes it easier because of predictability, functionality, easy surface sculpting and time management. But implicit anatomical references forgotten and lost during teeth surface morphology analysis make the dentist helpless in restoring teeth macro- and micromorphology. Using and applying some of the recommendations, the tooth restored with an innovative composite material preserves its natural aesthetic, functional aspect, and saves time.

Lecturer: Dr Darja Ķīse, dentist, Latvia

Organisers: QAdental, SIA DAB Dental Latvia, 3M
12.15–13.15 Can Ayurveda be a response to autoimmune disorders and how the Planet Ayurveda ™ products with standardized extracts can be of help?

Autoimmune diseases have become very common lately. Modern medicine is looking for solutions. What can offer the science of Ayurveda that is more than 5000 years old? How modern technologies for the production of herbal preparations will help to solve this issue. Review of Clinical Practice by Ayurveda practitioner Dr Vikram Chauhan.

Lecturer: Dr Vikram Chauhan, B.A.M.S., M.D., Planet Ayurveda™ Clinic, India

Organiser: SIA Etolars, an official representative for Planet Ayurveda™ in the Baltic States

The lecture will be held in English with translation into Latvian.
13.15–14.15 Contemporary technology in pulse diagnosis with VedaPulse® as an example.

VedaPulse®: a hardware and software kit for pulse diagnosis designed for traditional medicine practitioners and their patients.
VedaPulse® technology allows:
– patients’ functional status assessment,
– remote monitoring of changes in the patient's condition,
– to create an individual rehabilitation programme.

Lecturer: Andrius Misiukas, VedaPulse® Representative in the Baltic States, Representative for the VedaPulse® hardware and software kit developers, Russia

Organiser: SIA Etolars, an official representative for VedaPulse® in Latvia

The lecture will be held in Russian with translation into Latvian.
16.45–17.45 Physiotherapy methods to alleviate health problems caused by working in forced position

While treating their patients, health professionals often choose uncomfortable and poor position that affects the condition of spine, as well as the condition of all other internal organs. Musculoskeletal pain in the shoulder or back area, pressure on the intervertebral discs and spine, chronic low back pain, impaired lymphatic reflux and blood circulation, shallow breathing, low oxygen in organs, concentration problems are the main symptoms caused by improper sitting posture. Prevention and treatment of symptoms caused by poor sitting.

Lecturer: Liene Romanovska, SIA ALTEX

Organiser: SIA ALTEX

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Ķīpsala to City Centre:
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Buses 13, 30, 37, 41, 53, 57
Minibuses 236, 237, 241
Night bus N4

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