Exhibition opening hours

17 September 10.00–18.00

18 September 10.00–18.00

Full ticket to the exhibition - 3 €

In order to register for participation in conferences, interested parties must contact the relevant association or society.

Parking place - 3 €

Safety measures

Let’s make sure that the exhibition is as safe as possible, be responsible and observe health and safety measures!


If you have cold symptoms, you are required to self-isolate, to observe home quarantine or isolation, be responsible ‒ stay home!

Avoid touching public surfaces

Avoid crowds and observe the 2m distancing rule

Use of personal protective equipment (face coverings, masks, shields) is recommended

Sanitise your hands


Provides at least 3m wide aisles between the rows of exhibition stands

Provides hand sanitisers

Ensures visitor number control and flow management (3 m² of publicly accessible premises per one visitor)

Ensures entirely separate visitor entry and exit flows

Carries out cleaning and disinfection

Deploys Avoid Crowds warning signs and 2m physical distancing floor stickers

Regularly plays back audio announcements urging visitors to avoid crowds and to observe the 2m distancing rule

No more than 50% of the total number of persons that publicly accessible space and infrastructure of the exhibition centre can accommodate shall be allowed at the exhibition at the same time

Visit fair and

  • learn about the latest products and improved technologies;
  • find out the most topical solutions;
  • receive the best price offers;
  • get professional consultations;
  • take part in industry seminars;
  • get inspired by new ideas for your business.

Events programme


Conference of the Latvian Medical Association “Potential of Integrative Medicine”

Conference of the Healthcare Employers' Association and the Latvian Hospitals Association “Healthcare during the Covid-19 epidemic and after it. Were we ready? Are we ready? What lessons have we learned? “What should be done?”

Meeting of the Latvian Dental Association

Conference of the Latvian Dental Hygienists' Association


Interdisciplinary Conference of the Latvian Medical Association “Heart Health”

Meeting of the Latvian Dental Association

Conference of the Pharmacists’ Society of Latvia “Gerontology and Collaboration Between Physicians and Pharmacists”

12.00-16.00 Conference of the Latvian Association of Rehabilitation Professional Organisations


City Centre to Ķīpsala:
Trolleybuses 5, 9, 12, 25
Buses 13, 30, 37, 41, 53, 57
Minibuses 236, 237, 241
Night bus N4

Ķīpsala to City Centre:
Trolleybuses 5, 12, 25
Buses 13, 30, 37, 41, 53, 57
Minibuses 236, 237, 241
Night bus N4

Baltic TAXI, telephone: 8500

Distance to:
Old Town: 1 km – 5 minutes drive http://www.riga.lv
Airport: 10 km – 10 minute drive http://www.riga-airport.com
Railway Terminal: 3 km – 5 minutes drive http://www.ldz.lv
Bus Station: 3 km – 5 minutes drive http://www.autoosta.lv
Passenger Port: 1 km – 5 minutes drive http://www.tallink.lv