Baltics’ first ozone sauna capsule to be presented at Medbaltica 2019

General public will for the first time be introduced to the Baltics’ first ozone sauna capsule, a device that allows to the positive health benefits of ozone in a pleasant way. The product will be presented on September 19-20 at “Medbaltica 2019”, a medical fair covering the latest medical technologies and developments.

“From other saunas, the ozone sauna differs with its ability to use ozone properties for the benefit of a body. After the ozone sauna, there is no sense of exhaustion and fatigue, as is often the case when visiting, for example, a traditional steam bath. Ozone sauna boosts energy and vitality for a successful life,” tells Oskars Dedelis from Ozone Solutions. He recommends visiting the sauna to promote overall health or to treat a chronic illness. Frequency and number of sauna visits depends on the specific purpose, and in the case of chronic illness, ozone therapy shall not be considered as a substitute for basic therapy but can be used as an additional tool.

Ozone capsule’s functions
Visitors of “Medbaltica 2019” will have an opportunity to learn about ozone therapy, starting with preparation for the procedure and ending with the positive effects of therapy on the human body. The ozone sauna capsule is a device that makes it possible to use the properties of ozone in a safe, non-invasive and enjoyable way. The warming effect of the sauna provides for opening skin pores, perspiration, blood circulation and overall body relaxation, while ozone, when it comes into contact with the skin, stimulates its recovery processes, facilitates healing of wounds and skin damages, helps the skin to become tighter and healthier. Moreover, ozone acts as a strong antimicrobial agent against bacteria, fungi and viruses, reducing their reproduction and spreading.

Direct warming effect
Oskars Dedelis explains that there are two types of ozone saunas, infrared and steam, but Ozone Solutions offers an infrared ozone sauna capsule. Infra-red radiation is warming up the body tissue directly, while the steam sauna is heating up the surrounding air that, in the turn, heats up the body. Consequently, the infrared sauna is capable of warming deeper tissues in a lower temperature. Visit “Medbaltica 2019” and check out the ozone sauna capsule yourself!

Health and medicine news at Medbaltica 2019
The 12th International Medical Fair “Medbaltica 2019” will provide an opportunity to get information on and see the ozone sauna capsule and other latest medical technologies, including computer-aided pulse diagnosis tools, modern rehabilitation equipment and dental equipment. In Kipsala you will be able to meet specialists from various fields, meet new and leading companies, as well as purchase medical supplies at very attractive prices. Read more about the fair:

Conferences and seminars
Apart from the exhibition, “Medbaltica 2019” also includes 11 professional conferences and five seminars on current medical topics. Full programme of conferences and seminars:

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The “Medbaltica” fair is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.

Opening hours:
19–20 September 09.00–19.00

Adult ticket – EUR 4
Schoolchildren, students, seniors and persons with disability – EUR 3
Parking ticket – EUR 4