Current medical topics to be discussed at Medbaltica 2019!

Eleven professional conferences and five seminars covering the current medical topics discussed by specialists from different healthcare sectors will be held within the framework of the “Medbaltica 2019” fair at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre on 19 and 20 September.

Educational conferences
On the first day of “Medbaltica 2019”, the Conference of the Latvian Medical Association (LMA) “Complementary medicine. What and why?”, the Conference of the Healthcare Employers’ Association and the Latvian Hospitals Association “Health care in the 2020 Budgeting Environment” attended by the Minister of Health Ilze Viņķele will be held. The Conference of the Latvian Medical Association and the Latvian Association of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians “Health of a young woman” will also take place on September 19, while dentists are invited to attend the medical fair on both days to take part in the conference held by the Latvian Dental Association.

On 20 September, medical practitioners are welcome to attend the Interdisciplinary Conference of the Latvian Medical Association “Heart Health at Different Ages: Prevention, Affecting Factors”, the Latvian Nurses Association Conference “The Road Towards a New Era of Nursing” and the Conference of Latvian Association of Dental Hygienists.

For the first time, “Medbaltica 2019” will host the Conference of Digital Health Society " Recent Developments and Innovation in General Treatment and Healthcare" on 19 September and the Preventive Medicine Association Conference “Biochemistry of metabolism or the role of nutrients in preventing diseases” on 20 September. Moreover, the Pharmacists’ Society of Latvia offers the conference “Current topics regarding ensuring contemporary pharmacotherapy to a diabetes patient” on 19 September.

Useful seminars
On 20 September, “Medbaltica 2019” offers five seminars on aesthetic restoration of rear teeth, Ayurveda treatment of autoimmune disorders, modern technologies for pulse diagnosis, physiotherapy methods to alleviate health problems caused by working in forced position, and prevention of sexual dysfunction with help of visceral practices, reduction of the number of surgical interventions, improvement of the emotional and physical condition of a person and a non-instrumental assessment tools for diagnosis.

Full programme of conferences and seminars, information on registration:

Latest medical goods and services
Apart from conferences and seminars, around 130 companies from Latvia and other countries will demonstrate modern dental, surgical, orthopaedic, rehabilitation, ophthalmology, pharmaceutical and other medical technologies, equipment, materials and services at “Medbaltica 2019” in Kipsala. This year, medical companies from Italy will be represented in a particularly great number! Moreover, a number of new developments, including the first ozone sauna in the Baltic from Ozone Solutions, a unique “VedaPulse” technology for pulse diagnosis from Etolars, rehabilitation equipment from Beka Baltic and the latest studies in diagnosis and testing by the Central Laboratory will be presented at “Medbaltica 2019”.

The “Medbaltica” fair is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.

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Opening hours:
19–20 September 09.00–19.00

Tickets (conferences not included):
Adult ticket – EUR 4
Schoolchildren, students, seniors and persons with disability – EUR 3
Parking ticket – EUR 4
Admission to the conferences and seminars – upon pre-registration.