Natural healing and massage products from Bulgaria

We would like to present you the novelty of the Latvian market - ANCHIALO's unique products with an environmentally friendly medical solution of Black Sea mud salt (the so-called LUGA) and cosmetics based on a meadow. Massage oils and gels of the new Le’Spa brand from Bulgaria. Special offer - our loyalty cards with a 7% discount on further purchases in our stores.

ANHIALO cosmetics was created on the basis of the meadows thanks to the scientific work of a team of Bulgarian chemists, biologists and pharmacists. All ANHIALO products are made of stabilized alkali, which, thanks to modern technology, retains the valuable properties of dirt, biologically active substances, minerals and trace elements.
It is scientifically proven that the best way to use magnesium is transdermal (through the skin), because the body consumes everything that it needs, without additional stress on the liver and kidneys, so it is best suited for your recovery. Deep penetration of biologically active substances, minerals and trace elements provides your body with an antiseptic, regenerating, soothing, nourishing and moisturizing effect, relaxes and improves your mood.
ANCHIALO products are used for compresses, baths and massages and are suitable for use in SPA & Wellness, physiotherapy and fitness centers, saunas, home conditions.
ANCHIALO products:
• Massage oil with juniper, lavender, rosemary and grape seed extract
• Massage gel with essential oils of arnica, juniper, lavender, rosemary and grape seed
• Shower gel - available in two versions (grapefruit, honey and milk)
• 100% stabilized Black Sea liquid - 500 ml, 950 ml, 5 L.
• Toothpaste with 35% stabilized Black Sea solution
• Mouthwash with 10% stabilized Black Sea solution - available in two versions (500 ml, 250 ml).
Use of the product has the following effect:
• acceleration of metabolism;
• restoring the balance of the nervous and musculoskeletal system;
• decrease in muscle pain;
• prevention of seizures;
• Strengthen hair, skin, nails.
Enjoy the health and harmony of your body with ANCHIALO!

SIA NIKSON offers to buy cosmetics from Bulgaria - REFAN and ANCHIALO. A wide range of Le’Spa body care and massage products for SPA, massage parlors and home.

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