IVAMED will present ICX implants and R&S dentistry materials

At the exhibition Medbaltica 2018 IVAMED company will present dental implants of German ICX-templantus system and a wide range of GACD -R&S dentistry materials. In case you order during the exhibition , you will get a 10% discount for the first order.

Dental implants of German ICX-templant system.
Medentis Medical GmbH (Germany) company has enjoyed successful experience of implantology for the last 20 years. Dental implant system ICX-templant combines the most important factors,such as, Cone Morzeu, the hydrophilic surface and other important factors which help successfully use them in dental treatment.

The main advantages of ICX-templant implants:
Cone Morzeu 8 degrees.Fixation against turning
Hydrophillic surface
Implant surface with ideal microroughness
Snug fitness (0,4 mkm) of implant abatment on the Cone
Wide prosthetic opportunities
Common platform
High initial stability
Size: from 2,9 to 4,8; L from 6,5 to 15 mm.

GACD products - R&S are produced in France where the company is considered to be No 1 and has been among the world leaders in the sphere of dental materials for more than 30 years.

R&S products are up-to-dated and improved all the time which makes it possible to find and offer new innovative and high quality products.
R&S products meet the international quality standards.All products are EC certified and are produced under strict control.
If you order at the exhibition,you will get a 10% discount for the first order.

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