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Medbaltica 2018 Conferences

27 September

11.00 Medbaltica 2018 Official Opening Ceremony

Seminar room No.1
Healthcare Employers Association and Latvian Hospital Association Conference

Seminar room No.3
Latvian Association of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians Conference

Seminar room No.4
Latvian Nurses Association Conference

Seminar room No.5
Latvian Society of Laboratory Specialists Meeting

28 September

Seminar room No.1
Latvian Medical Association Conference

Seminar room No.3
Latvian Medical Association Conference

Seminar room No.4
Latvian Dental Association Conference (Day 1)

Seminar room No.5
Latvian Association of Rehabilitation Professional Organizations and Latvian Diet and Nutrition Specialist Association Conference

Seminar room No.2

11.00–12.00 THERA-Trainer® solution for balance and gait rehabilitation. Technology and innovation – how we use them in our daily work.
Speaker: Marcus Scherl, M .Sc. Healthcare and Rehabilitation Technology (Germany)
Organiser: Fyosioline OY Latvia

15.30–17.00 Systematic sterilization solutions at a clinic. Disinfection of instruments and nozzles in accordance with EU guidelines from leading manufacturers – MELAG and KAVO.
Speakers: Lennart Hans, Madeleine Söllner,Birgit Schultze (Germany)
Organiser: SIA Dentoflex Schumann

29 September

Seminar room No.1
Latvian Dental Hygienists Association Conference

Seminar room No.3
Latvian Dental Association Conference (Day 2)

Seminar room No.4
Latvian Medical Association Interdisciplinary Conference

Seminar room No.2
9:00 – 16:00 How to improve the quality of prosthetic services and increase turnaround time of the processes as well as increase patient using intraoral scanners How to implement intraoral scanners for dental surgeries, which will allow performing even the most, advanced prosthetic work using 21st century technology.
Speaker: Dr. Bernatek (Poland)
Organizer: Align Technology

During whole day training, we will cover:
• Inlays, onlays, overlays, veneers
• Crowns, partial crowns, endocrowns
• Bridges (from 2 points to 14 points)
• Temporary restorations
• Unmovable restorations on implants (individual abutments, crowns and bridges, Atlantis abutments)
• Printed models from oral scans
• Virtual wax-up

Lecture for Exhibition visitors is free of charge
If you are interested, please email participant's name to Maris Melbardis, Territory Manager Baltic countries at Align Technology:

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