3D modeling - a modern method of surveying objects and the environment

With reality 3D modeling you can get a very detailed three-dimensional representation of the object and the environment. Real-world contactless surveying methods - laser scanning (LIDAR) and modern photogrammetry are used in 3D modeling. This technology offers more information about the object than any other traditional survey method. The resulting data product is a point cloud and a 3D grid model. Considering that data are collected in 1:1 ratio, the true and actual size of the object are recorded without any deviations. 

It is possible to obtain other engineering tehnical materials from 3D modeling data - create 3D model, 3D CAD model, orthophoto map, relief and mesh models, 2D plans, facade orthophoto photos.

Reality 3D models will help to document construction and environment, spatial analysis and technical surveys, surveying, area and capacity surveys, executive surveys and control mechanisms; preparation for renovation and restoration, design and project evaluation, construction and monitoring (visual and analytical monitoring), building information modeling (BIM), operation and maintenance; demolition of the building.

During the exhibition we offer free consultations on the 3D modeling solution for the specific situation of the client.

In exhibition is represented Mikrokods Ltd., which specializes in photogrammetry and SIA Merko specializing in laser scanning services.

For more information, please visit our website: www.mikrokods.lv (service description) and www.merko.lv/en (service description).


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