Artificial stone WHITE HILLS for facades and interior decoration, as well as ventilated facades - at Exhibition "House I 2019" 

At the exhibition, the company will present an artificial stone WHITE HILLS for cladding facades and interior decoration, as well as a novelty - Ventilated facades WHITE HILLS for cladding houses.

Brick masonry, rocky stone, tile, large-sized cobblestones and much more. Our products always look good and do not fade. Frost resistance 50 cycles. Repeatability every 8m2.

On the surface of the White Hills stone is a unique texture, as if made by nature itself. The color scale of production is balanced so that the stone after its packing on a facade of a building looks vividly and naturally. Facing stone is virtually indistinguishable from natural material, and externally copies the natural analogue.

Durable, environmentally friendly material. Dyes do not fade with time and are not exposed to ultraviolet rays. An artificial stone is also decorated with landscape design - in the form of flower beds, fences and wells. Some apply it to the foundation lining.

For visitors to the exhibition will provide a discount on the most popular models and colors.
SIA «Fasādes & Gaismas pasaule» is exclusive distributor of the WHITE HILLS brand in the Baltic countries. 

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